Eyes2c is a resource link website to help people discover the plethora of evidence that the Bible is true. It is for parents, leaders, and anyone seeking answers. Linked resources include books, articles, websites, videos, Bibles, devotionals, subscriptions, camps, Christian news outlets, and much more. The main topics are Apologetics, Bible, Creation, Families, History, Leaders, Outreach, and of course, Good News. The site founder has been in children’s ministry since 1991, a director for 18 of those years, and has been studying the Creation vs. Evolution debate since about 1996. Therefore, more resources are listed related to those areas than any other. The site founder has a passion for truth and is dedicated to equipping preteens with an apologetic focus so they can effectively navigate the culture and engage their world more effectively. That is why they have separate categories under the heading of Leaders. This website is the result of a suggestion from a pastor friend (Paul), which was ignored at the time, and later, the encouragement and support of a fellow children’s ministry leader (Sue). Hopefully, you will find the site helpful. We pay for the domain name so those on the sight are not bombarded by ads. No revenue is generated from any of the resources. If you know of resources that might be helpful to have on the site, feel free to contact Eyes2c so we can review them for possible inclusion. All resources must be aligned with Scripture and our belief statement.

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