Apologetics books

Creation apologetics have their own section, but some books are also listed here. Some listed here are also listed under Outreach books.


“Answers in Genesis Pocket Guides” on various topics by “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); can be purchased individually, for parents with kids in public school (5 guides), or as a set.

“The Case for Christ” – by Lee Strobel, former atheist investigative reporter; his story as movie on DVD.

“The Third Day: The Reality of the Resurrection” – by Hank Hanegraaff, known from radio shows as “The Bible Answer Man” and is president of “Christian Research Institute” (CRI).


Is God Real? Prove It! A Child’s Defense” – by Pam Antoun.

“Men of Science, Men of God:  Great Scientists Who Believed the Bible” – by Henry M. Morris, founder of “Institute for Creation Research” (ICR) and Co-author of “The Genesis Flood (the book credited with a rebirth of Creation science).

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