Resources for Teens


Apologetics “Memory Cards” – great resource; free PDF download from “Local Church Apologetics”


“7 Ways to Deal With Doubt” – by Michael Patton for “The Gospel Coalition” (TGC).

“Good Doctrine Makes Better (Teenage) Saints” – by pastor, author, & speaker, Dr. John Piper, founder of “Desiring God”.

“The Apostles’ Creed: Discovering Authentic Christianity in an Age of Counterfeits” – excerpt from book of same name by Dr. Albert Mohler, theologian, ordained minister, and president of “The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary”.


“QUEST” teen study based on movie “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” (discovering evidence for the Exodus account); by Tim Mahoney; see trailer for movie; can be used at church or home.


“3 Best Bibles for Youth” – by “Christian Camp Pro”.


“A Rebel’s Manifesto: Choosing Truth, Real Justice, and Love amid the Noise of Today’s World” – by Sean McDowell.

“Faith & Reason Made Simple: Rationally Defend What You Believe In A Culture of Skepticism” – by Rev. Rick McGough, founder of “Local Church Apologetics”; leader guide and video study package also available.

“The Fallacy Detective: Thirty-Eight Lessons on How to Recognize Bad Reasoning” – by Nathaniel Bluedorn & Hans Bluedorn; much needed resource on logic and identifying false arguments.

CAMPS (those site founder is familiar with and would recommend):

Please give credit to Andy at “Christian Camp Pro” for compiling a comprehensive free list of U.S. camps, retreat centers, and resources.  Search on his site for camps and scroll down on page for camps listed by state (ie., here’s the list for California).

“Angeles Crest Christian Camp” in mountains between Palmdale & La Canada; great staff; offers winter & summer camp; also offers Science & Outdoor Education and kids’ camps.

“Forest Home” in southern California offers winter & summer camp for junior high & high school; also offers kids’ & family camps.

“Hartland Christian Camp” in Central California; offers winter & summer camps junior high & high school; also offers kids’ & family camps; snack shop has awesome shakes!

“Hume Lake Christian Camp” in Central California; offers winter & summer camp junior high & high school; also offers kids’ summer camp & family camps; offers other camps in different locations.

“Jenness Park” in Northern California; offers summer camp for junior high & high school; also offers kids’ summer camp & family camps.

“Thousand Pines” on Big Bear Mountain in Southern California; offers winter & summer camp for junior high & high school; also offers kids’ camp & family camp.


“Students Don’t Have to Leave Their Faith at Home”“Alliance Defending Freedom” (ADF) offers legal support to those whose religious freedom rights have been violated; the ADF Church Alliance offers “practical legal help for churches so you can freely live and preach the Gospel”; young Christian professionals entering the spheres of public policy, business, law, & biomedical sciences can apply to attend Areté Academy, a week-long summer training program “to become an effective advocate for policies based upon Judeo-Christian principles and natural law theory”.

“CRU” – college campus ministry focused on “winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others and helping the body of Christ to do evangelism and discipleship through a variety of creative ways”.

“Fellowship of Christian Athletes”Faith + Sport = FCA: “Unite your two passions, faith and athletics, to impact the world for Jesus Christ”.

“FIRE” – mission is to defend and sustain the individual rights of students and faculty members at America’s colleges and universities. These rights include freedom of speech, freedom of association, due process, legal equality, religious liberty, and sanctity of conscience – the essential qualities of liberty; offers guide for student’s rights on campus, faculty rights & resources, 1st Amendment Library, speakers, research, high school resources, and much more.

“See You at the Pole” is a “global day of student prayer” begun by 3 students in Texas and now millions of students take part; the event is student-initiated, student-organized, and student-led on the 4th Wednesday of each September; logo theme changes each year.


“Prayers for Girls Devotional App” for teen girls from Lori, founder of “Prayers for Girls”.

“Read Scripture” – cell phone Bible app (can also participate by email) by “The Bible Project”; trailer by Francis Chan, founder of“Crazy Love” ministries.

“YouVersion” – cell phone Bible app.


“Bible Munch”“One Chapter a Day, One Devotional a Day, One video a week”; has YouTube channel.

“Foundations – Teen Devotional: A 260-Day Bible Reading Plan for Busy Teens” – by pastor, author, speaker, Robby Gallaty, founder of “Replicate”.

“Prayers for Girls” devotional app for girls – by Teri Lynne Underwood.


“Aetherlight” – online membership video game for Christian youth; “Engage with the Resistance as they begin their immense task of restarting the Great Engines to drive back the fog and find the Great Engineer.”

“David”trailer for new membership Bible video game that brings the story of David alive to youth; still in crowdfunding to complete the rest of David’s life, so membership is free for now.


Brio” – teen girl’s Christian magazine by “Focus on the Family”.

“World Teens” – news magazine for kids from a Christian perspective by “World Magazine”.


Apologetics videos

Creation videos

Judeo-Christian history videos

Outreach videos


“412 Teens”“dedicated to encouraging teens and sharing pearls of biblical truth in a sea of spiritual sludge”; answers questions, offers “Blog of Awesome” (“movie and book reviews to news updates about the site to Christian responses to real life events going on in the world”), ministry of “Got Questions”.

“Apologetics Press” – “scripturally sound and scientifically accurate materials in the field of Christian apologetics.”

“Apply God’s Word” – video clips that “tackle real-life issues and apply a biblical perspective”; also offers numerous videos on relationships.

“Confident Christianity” – a “Christian apologetics ministry founded by former atheist, Mary Jo Sharp, that addresses the hard questions of Christianity through research, writing, training and debate”; founder is author of books, “Why Do You Believe That?”, “Why I Still Believe”, and “Living in Truth”.

“Got Questions” – “seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by providing biblical, applicable, and timely answers to spiritually related questions through an internet presence.”

“John 10:10 Project” – collection of beautifully done video clips answering the big questions of life; offers numerous video clips on “Evidence of Faith”, “Prophecies & Promises”, “Facing Evil & Suffering”, “Awesome Wonders”, “Reaching the World”, “Power of Prayer”, “Fuel for the Journey”, “Inspiration & Devotion”, & their newest project, “2-Minute Wonders” (1st one on Monarch butterfly); also has YouTube channel, free hand-out cards, & more.

“Josh McDowell Ministry”, a “CRU” ministry; “raising generations of purpose-driven Christians who know what they believe, why it is true, and how to live it out”; offers Research, Publications, Apologetics, Answers to Skeptics’ Questions, Spiritual Growth, Sex & Relationships, Youth & Family, 7As, Josh Talks, Youth Devotions, Just 1 Click Away, & Online Store.

“Ratio Christi Student Apologetics Alliance (Latin for ‘The Reason of Christ’)” – a global movement that equips university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ”; offers articles, “Truth Matters” radio show hosted by missionary & speaker, Tony Gurule, YouTube channel, & more.

“Ravi Zacharias International Ministry” (RZIM) – “Difficult Questions. Thoughtful Answers”; founded by Ravi Zacharias; offers articles, speakers, YouTube channel, & events; also offers in-person evangelism training at the “Zacharias Institute” in Atlanta, GA, at The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics”(OCCA) in England, and student training; online training offered with “RZIM Academy” as well as podcasts and “Everyday Questions”, small group curriculum.

“Reasons for Hope*Jesus”“exists to glorify God by equipping you with apologetics answers, biblical reasoning, and encouraging hope so you will know Jesus better, love Him more, and share your faith”; biblical questions answered by Shari Abbott and “Ask Alex Online” by Alex McFarland, “Power of Hope”, “Bible Fun Stuff”, “Who Said That?” sayings for the Bible, Charlie Brown Theology”, Facebook page, and a YouTube channel.

“RforH” – resources include “deBunked” video clips, “Two Minute Teaching” video clips, speaking events, “Fast Facts” animal video clips for kids, teens, & adults (scroll down to see six 1-minute video clips for each); the “deBunked Bus” traveling outreach, “Academy of Hope” courses, YouTube channel, & more.

“Is it Important to Defend the Faith Any More?” – by Sean McDowell

“Sean McDowell” – offers videos, articles, podcasts, books, & speaking events, & other resources; focuses on apologetics training.

The BEAT” (Biblical Encouragement And Truth) Trailer for – by Bible teacher, speaker, & Worship leader, Allen Parr; 5-10 minute clips answer questions many people ask about the Bible & the Christian faith; Allen Parr also has “Let’s Equip Academy” with “Bible Study Made Easy” (see trailer on How to Study Bible page).

“The One Minute Apologist” sample video clip – “How Were The New Testament Books Picked?” – by founder, Dr. Bobby Conway; over 950 video teaching clips on YouTube channel; some clips are a little longer and some include discussions with guests.

“The Starting Point Project” – founded by Jay Seegert “to help strengthen the Christian’s faith, so they are more confident in what they believe and consequently better positioned to mentor their own children and share the Gospel message…”; offers “Question of the Month” archive, monthly broadcast archive, speaking, DVDs & books, & more.


“Creation Moments” – can read or listen to interesting & short daily audio minutes; also offers email newsletter, articles, church bulletin inserts, “Scrambled Scriptures” (word search verses), speakers, and more.

“Creation Training Initiative”“mission is to equip Christians worldwide to be effective teachers and speakers on the subjects of biblical creation and apologetics, so that, the next generation can be trained to stand firm on biblical truth and defend the gospel”; founder, Mike Riddle, offers articles, short videos, various training courses, seminars, online video training, interviews, & more.

“David Rives Ministries”David Rives is a speaker, host of radio spots, founder of the “The Creation Club”, offers video clips, articles, interview videos, “Creation Club Magazine”, the “Genesis Science Network” (free 24/7 TV channel broadcasts globally), “Genesis Science Minute” (daily radio feature), “Wonders of Creation Center”, a YouTube channel, & more.

“Genesis Apologetics“committed to providing Christian families with Biblically & scientifically based answers to the evolutionary theory that many children are taught during 6th, 7th, and 10th grades in public schools (in California) & most other states during varying grades”.


“Dare to Share” training for teens and youth groups with a gospel mindset and for them to learn how to engage others with different worldviews.

“The 4 Points” (based in U.K.) – site with easy way to share the gospel; copyright law requires inclusion of their web address with use of any resources or graphics: (now in Japan too).

“Youth With a Mission” (YWAM) – missionary training with focus on discipleship and placement in short-term missions.


“See You at the Pole” is a “global day of student prayer” begun by 3 students in Texas and now millions of students take part; the event is student-initiated, student-organized, and student-led on the 4th Wednesday of each September; logo theme changes each year.

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