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Dec 2022: “Line in the Sand”

Nov 2022: “To Whom are We Thankful”

Oct 2022: “Follow the Light”

Sept 2022 “Evil Rising”

Aug 2022: “Rejecting Reality”

July 2022: “Are Pro-Life Centers Harmful?

June 2022: “Choose for Yourself – Life or Death”

May 2022: “Worldview Wars”

April 2022: “Every Knee Will Bow”

March 2022: “What is God’s Will?”

February 2022: “Fear of God”

January 2022: “Reasoning Together”

December 2021: “Definitions Matter”

October 2021: “Protect the Children”

September 2021: “Do We Need to Repent?”

August 2021: “Discerning Truth”

July 2021: “Speaking for God?”

June 2021: “Shallow or Enduring Faith?”

April 2021: “Umbrella of Protection”

February 2021: “Trust & Obey”

January 2021: “Is Judgment Coming?”

November 2020: “New Great Awakening”

October 2020: “Biblical Issue Voting”

September 2020: “Avoiding Deception”

August 2020: “Expecting Blessings”

July 2020: “Gaining Perspective”

June 2020: “America’s Unique Freedoms”

May 2020: “The Great Apologist”

April 2020: “What is a Good Person?”

March 2020: “Elephant in the Room”

February 2020: “Living in Victory”

January 2020: “Do Worldviews Matter?”

December 2019: “In Need of a Savior”

November 2019: “Tribute of Thankfulness” (crediting those who have invested in my life spiritually)

October 2019: “Doesn’t God Deserve Upper Case Pronouns?”

September 2019: “Why Apologetics for Preteens?”

August 2019: “The Bondage of Sexual Freedom”

July 2019: “Is God’s Plan Really Best?”

June 2019: “Why Pro-Life?”

May 2019: “How Do We Know What is True?”

October 2018: Why Intentional Preteen Ministry?”

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