Kidmin resources


“4 tips for leading a kid to Christ” – by David Raush, founder of “GO” Curriculum.

“Active Learning vs. Passive Learning: No Contest” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Relevant Children’s Ministry” and now “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Aim Lower, Think Smaller!” – by Linda Mei Lin Koh in 2017.

“Apologetics for Children: How can we help our children understand evidence for the Christian faith?” – by Mikel Del Rosario, founder of “Your Apologetics Guy”.

“Atheism Doubles Among Generation Z” – by “Barna Research Group” in 2018.

“Can Kids Have Fun and Learn at the Same Time” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Childhood Ministry Basics” – by LifeWay Kids Ministry.

“Design Your Master Plan: A Step-by-Step Children’s Ministry Blueprint” – by “Discipleland”.

“Do You Have This Book That’s a Game Changer for Children’s Ministry” by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Don’t Neglect the 4–14 Window of Children’s Ministry” – by Steve S. Chang for the “The Gospel Coalition”.

“Engaging a Heart for mission to children” – by  Linda Mei Lin Koh in 2015.

“Evangelism Is Most Effective Among Kids”by “Barna Research Group” in 2004.

“Five Reasons why the Children’s Minister Staff Position is in the Greatest Demand” – by Thomas S. Rainer: “Growing Healthy Churches Together”.

“Five Steps to Effective Ministry”by Discipleland blog in 2012.

“How a Biblical Worldview Shapes the Way We Teach Our Children” – by Discipleland blog in 2018.

“How Do You Teach Difficult Bible Stories to Little Kids?” – by Megan Hill for “The Gospel Coalition” (TGC).

“How interactive teaching can change your KidMin” – by David Raush, founder of “GO” Curriculum.

“How Sunday Schools Are Raising the Next Generation of Secular Humanists” – by Natasha Crain, author and founder of “Christian Mom Thoughts” blog.

“Making the Bible Come Alive” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“More” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Point Parents Toward Biblical Success” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Servant leadership…the best way to lead” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Relevant Children’s Ministry” and now “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Tips for Teaching Kids From Mr. Rogers” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Top 40 Children’s Ministry Blogs to Follow” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”; I would add Dale Hudson’s blog to the top of this list.

“Training Tomorrow’s Leaders Today” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Where Churches Are Failing Kids” – by Dale Hudson of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Why the Next Generation Doesn’t Know Christianity is True” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

KIDMIN BOOKS – books listed are ones I have read and would recommend:

Equipping / vision books:

Ministry resource books:

“The Big Book of Bible …” – by “Standard Publishing” (now with “David C. Cook” ); different books with skits, crafts, coloring pages (sample image for early childhood), activity pages, elementary games/fun facts/puzzles, etc.

Teaching books:

KIDMIN CAMPS (those I am familiar with & would recommend):

Please give credit to Andy at “Christian Camp Pro” for compiling a comprehensive free list of U.S. camps, retreat centers, and resources.  Search on his site for camps and scroll down on page for camps listed by state (ie., here’s the list for California).

“Angeles Crest Christian Camp” in mountains between Palmdale & La Canada; great staff; offers 3rd – 6th grade winter camp, summer camp, & summer weekend camp; also offers Science & Outdoor Education; also offers junior high & high school camps.

“Forest Home” in southern California offers winter camp for 3rd-6th grade and summer camp for 3rd-4th and 5th-6th grades; also offers junior high, high school & family camps.

“Hartland Christian Camp” in Central California; offers winter & summer camps for 4th-6th grade; also offers junior high, high school, & family camps; snack shop has awesome shakes!

“Hume Lake Christian Camp” in Central California; offers summer camp for 3rd-6th grade; also offers junior high, high school, & family camps; offers other camps in different locations.

“Jenness Park” in Northern California; offers summer camp for 4th – 6th grade; also offers junior high, high school, & family camps.

“Life Camp” at Lopez Lake on Central Coast of California; offers summer discipleship camp for 3rd – 8th grade; also offers high school summer camp.

“Thousand Pines” on Big Bear Mountain in Southern California; offers winter & summer camps for 4th – 6th grade; also offers junior high, high school, & family camps.


“Answers for Kids” – 5 minute trailer explains curriculum from “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); goes through the Bible chronologically in 3 years for all ages; print format.

“Answers for Kids Bible Curriculum” (can also be used as a Bible study at home or church) – by Ken Ham and Stacey McKeever of “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); combined 3 popular teachings (Beginnings, Seven C’s of History, and Questions) into an all-in-one 30-lesson course designed to strengthen kids’ biblical foundation with an apologetic focus; student handout sets.

“Better Bible Teachers”“Mega-list of 64 Sunday Sunday School Curriculum providers and what you can expect for each one of them”.

“Calvary Curriculum” – membership access for activity sheets, lesson outlines, and coloring sheets for whole Bible; also offers training, etc.

“D6”: “A Family Aligned Curriculum for Every Generation based on the principles of Deuteronomy 6:5-9 – love God, love His Word, and teach your children to do the same”.

”David C. Cook” – now offers multiple formats and names, including “Standard Publishing”,“Gospel Light”“Tru”, etc.; print format (Tru is downloadable format).

“Discipleland”different teaching formats available (large group/small group, classroom, etc.); print format.

“Explore the Bible: Kids” goes through the Bible in 3 years, using context for better understanding; Jesus is revealed throughout lessons; print or downloadable formats.

“Group Publishing” kids’ ministry curriculum; scroll down page to see different ones offered.

“High Voltage Kids” “elementary curriculum that is fun, is biblical, and it works”; by pastor, author, & conference speaker, Brian Dollar, founder of “High Voltage Kids’ Ministry”.

“Kid Want Answers”trailer for “Shipwrecked”, one of their series of 3-7 week downloadable curriculum for kids; authors also created “David” video game.

“Kids 4 Truth Clubs“Systematic theology for kids that teaches Bible doctrine. Apologetics for kids!”; membership access; Equip U, a free resource library of children’s ministry resources.

“Mad About Jesus Laboratories” offers exciting, fascinating, and memorable scientifically based object lessons to teach biblical truths to children”. 

“My Awesome Adventure” – by “Discipleland” in partnership with Karl Bastian, founder of “Kidology”; offers Disciple Guides for ages 9-12 and 6-9 and Leader Guides; bundle also available; fun discipleship Bible study for church or home.

“Show Me Jesus” – by “Great Commission Publications”; can also be used as “stand-alone” small group material, ie. preteen “Bible Survey”, “God’s Promises”, or “Pilgrim’s Progress”.

“Sunday School Zone” – free online activities and curriculum.

“The Gospel Project” – goes through the Bible chronologically in 3 years; Jesus is revealed throughout lessons; print or downloadable formats.

“What’s for Dinner?” campaign kit: “a simple, fun, and powerful tool that will encourage and equip the families in your church to gather around the dinner table more often and connect with each other on a deep and meaningful level” – by Dema Kohen, founder of “We Are Kidmin”.

“What’s in the Bible with Buck Denver”trailer for 1-year curriculum overview of the whole Bible, book by book; by creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer; available through “Jelly Telly”; families can also get DVDs from “Jelly Telly”; the book of Job taught as poetry, but the rest is solid doctrine and kids respond well to it.


“FamBlitz LIVE” “a 1 hour and 20 minute crowd participation show that we bring to your venue. With the theme of inspiring families to think like a team, parents and kids participate on stage and from their seats in a variety of games and challenges. A Biblical message is woven in throughout games and crowd challenges with no dedicated preaching time”.

“Kidz Blitz LIVE” – “targets the elementary age kids while engaging people of all ages. With a message woven into the action, kids learn while playing. Conducting 100+ events per year from coast to coast, Kidz Blitz the most sought-after, events for churches in America”.


“Kidzmatter Magazine” – (previously known as “K” Magazine); published by pastor, author, speaker, & Kidmin advocate, Ryan Frank & his wife, Beth.


CM Connect”offers Facebook page (“Children’s Ministry Connect” above), conferences, journal, etc. for Kidmin leaders.

“Don’t Quit Ministry Support” private Facebook group; also see book, “Don’t Quit: The Best Things in Ministry Come Over Time”.

“I Love Kidmin” Facebook group for children’s ministry leaders.

“International Network of Children’s Ministry”“serving leaders who champion the discipleship of kids and families”; articles, training, conferences, certification, etc.

“Kidmin Nation” Facebook page membership for Kidmin leaders through Kidmin Nation 365 yearlong conference; offers Kidmin Mega Con annual training conference and Online Kidmin Mega-Con; same leaders offer “Kidmin Academy”, a 1 year certificated training program for Kidmin leaders.

“The Ministry Network Group” – private Facebook network group for Kidmin leaders; also helps leaders find other local leaders to connect with or help leaders create a local network group. 


“All Free Kids Crafts” – secular site with all things crafts; includes tutorial videos for kids, costumes, and much more.

“Building Children’s Ministry”: “building leaders, ministries, teams”– by Dale Hudson; “to help churches build thriving, growing children and family ministries” with excellent articles, resources, speaking, and training; “Dale’s heart is to serve leaders in the local church and help them build a great ministry for God’s glory”.

”Childrens Ministry” – articles on ministry and leadership; teaching tips, crafts, games, activities, outreach ideas for all age groups.

“Child’s Heart Ministries” blog – by author, speaker, and children’s ministry leader, Esther Moreno.

“Christian Book Distributors” (CBD): Everything Christian For Less”; also offers comparison of various VBS products with samples of music, etc.

“Christian Tools of Affirmation” (CTA) – great resource for volunteer appreciation, kids’ holiday gifts, & more.

“D6: a family ministry movement connecting church and home” – offers resources with “D6 for the Church” and “D6 for the Home” as well as a conference, curriculum, podcasts, videos, “Splink” family conversation starters, “Elements Kids’ Worship” curriculum, “Access” small group Bible studies, and “D6 Plus”, a membership site with additional resources & training.

“Danielle’s Place”– free and membership access for lessons, crafts, games, & activities; great for younger kids.

“Deeper Kidmin” – online resource with “innovative thoughts and practical resources for KidMin leaders to use in their ministries and for parents to use at home”; founded by Brittany, former children’s, youth, & college ministry leader.

“Equip U” is a free resource library of children’s ministry resources from“Kids 4 Truth Clubs.

“Hendrickson Rose Publishing” – now Hendrickson Rose Publishing; laminated pamphlets, maps, charts, & posters on numerous topics.

“Kid Nation” – membership site for Kidmin leaders; curriculum, graphics, forms, room transformations, skits, countdowns, discounts on resources, & more.

“Kidology” – membership site founded by “Kidologist”, Karl Bastian; non-profit organization providing “help, ideas, training, and resources that enable them [Kidmin leaders] to most effectively reach and teach kids”.

“Kids’ Sunday School Place” – free and membership access for lessons, crafts, games, skits, & activities.

“Kidzmatter” publishing company for church leaders with magazine, articles, books, training, & more – by Ryan and Beth Frank, who “have launched some really amazing programs together” like Kidmin Academy, Kidmin Nation, Kidmin Nation Mega-Con, Online Kidmin Mega-Con, and the Sam Chand Leadership Institute.

“Lead Volunteers” – “Changing Volunteer Pains into Ministry Gains”; the most comprehensive resource to
recruit, train, and retain volunteers”; membership access to a variety of training modules and resources; also offers on-site consulting workshop; founded by Josh Denhart of “Kidmin Science”.

“L.I.T. Ministries” – 3-minute explanation of vision

L.I.T. Ministries” “mission is to empower the next generation”; purpose is to recognize the uniqueness of every child, reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and disciple, equip, and release them for ministry in the church and the world; “Leaders in Training” (L.I.T.) for preteens and “Nehemiah Kids” for 1st – 4th graders; offers mission trip for preteens, online leader training & leader conference, free resources, & more; part of the “4 to 14 window” movement.

Mad About Jesus Laboratories” offers exciting, fascinating, and memorable scientifically based object lessons to teach biblical truths to children”. 

“Ministry Spark” – website with Kidmin articles and free resources; a ministry of “David C. Cook”.

“Ministry to Children” – “practical help for telling children about Jesus”; offers articles, lessons, crafts, activities, teaching tips, leadership, outreach, and more; email subscription offered; founder & editor is Tony Krummer, former pastor of children’s ministry.

“Oriental Trading” – secular inexpensive resource site with Christian prizes, craft kits & supplies, decorations, and more.

“Pinterest” – membership access; secular site, but offers multitude of Christian ideas, crafts, and other resources.

“Relevant Children’s Ministry” – “Fresh Ideas, Insight and Content for Children’s & Family Ministry Leaders” – by Dale Hudson: articles, resources, training, coaching & more; main site is: “Building Children’s Ministry” – “building leaders, ministries, teams”.

“Sunday Cool” – super soft custom t-shirts using “no-feel water based ink”; fast turnaround – great for ministries and VBS.

“Sunday School Zone” – free online activities and curriculum.

“Superchurch” kidmin resource site by former kidmin pastor, coach, and author, Mark Harper.

“Sustainable Children’s Ministry” – based on the book (listed ) by founders, Mark DeVries and Annette Safstrom; offers coaching and events & resources.

“Teach 4 the Heart” – site to provide “ideas and inspiration you need to overcome your teaching challenges & make a lasting difference in your students’ hearts and lives”. 

“Wacky World Studios” “We have everything you are looking for to create your dream environment! No matter the space or the budget, Wacky World is your one stop shop for sculptures, wall coverings, interactive play features, animations and so much more!”.

“We are Kidmin” resource website by Kidmin Pastor, Dema Kohen; offers Facebook pages for various series (Kingdompreneur Academy”, “Eat This Book Challenge”, etc.)


“Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution I, II, & III” – DVDs by Dr. Jobe Martin, with “Exploration Films”; animal videos showing unique design of each one; I highly recommend these for ministry and families.

“THEO” series trailer for 1st 3 of DVD series (now 5) – “through fun and engaging storytelling, Theo teaches children God’s word and how they ought to live in light of it”; takes children (and adults) through a careful study of systematic theology with humor & engaging animation; 30 minute titles include “God’s Love”, “God’s Grace”, “God’s Heart”, “God’s Truth”, & “God’s Desire”; series was “the dream of a cartoonist [Michael Joens], called to teach the Word has come true”; can be purchased as a set from “”.

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