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Creation apologetics have their own section.

2 minute video preview for book from J.I Packer“Taking God Seriously: Vital Things We Need to Know”.

2-minute trailer for “Debunking the 7 Myths” 2-hour program (see below)
“Debunking the 7 Myths” 2-hour program

“3 Great Ways to Equip your Student” – the “Genesis Apologetics” Seven Myths 2-hour program “is accessible free [linked here] on our webpage or on YouTube), on our Mobile App (“Genesis Apologetics” in iTunes or Google Play), or can be purchased here. Below are the 7 myths addressed by the program”:

  1. “While the Bible may be ‘inspired,’ by God, it’s not ‘inerrant’ and parts of it are just myth.”
  2. “The Bible’s account of Creation is only metaphorical, the six creation days were not ordinary days, and creation really unfolded over millions of years.”
  3. “Genesis 1 and 2 provide two different accounts of creation.” 
  4. “Adam and Eve were not real people, only allegorical figures in the story of human evolution.”
  5. “The Bible’s account of Noah’s Flood is just myth and was drawn from writings from the Ancient Near East.”
  6. “Moses did not actually write the first five books of the Bible.”
  7. “Dinosaurs died out millions of years ago, did not walk with man, and are not mentioned in the Bible.”

Evidences for the Bible’s Inspiration” – watch 8.5-minute video by Jeff Miller, Ph.D.; “Can a person know that the Bible really was authored by God, rather than mere men? The Bible has divine characteristics (like its unity, brevity, and scientific foreknowledge) which are beyond the ability of humans to have produced.”.


“Proof of God: Four Questions Atheists Hate to Answer” – by speaker/author/evangelist Eric Hovind of “Creation Today” ministry and founder of “Creation Network” that offers websites to help find Creation resources: SearchCreation.org, CreationEvents.org, CreationSpeakers.org, CreationPartners.org.

“The God Who Speaks”trailer for 90 minute 2018 documentary that “traces the evidence of the Bible’s authority” with multiple Bible scholars, pastors, authors, & apologists; learn more; endorsements; site license; produced by “American Family Studios”, a division of “American Family Association”(AFA).

“The Prophecies of the Passion” movie trailer – with Lee Strobel by “Christian Movie Shop” (from Randolf Productions, Inc.).

“The Truth Project” trailer for DVD study with Del Tackett, leader for this study and also for “True U” (see above) for “Focus on the Family” as well as founder of “Truth Encounter”; Lesson notes available from “The Truth Project” website.

“True U” Part 1 trailer of 3-part apologetic series (“Does God exist?”, “Is the Bible Reliable?”, & “Who is Jesus?”) designed for youth & young adults – by Del Tackett, founder of “Truth Encounter”, and leader for “The Truth Project” (see below) for “Focus on the Family”; can be used as small group material; other trailers and review.


“Evidence for Jesus Resurrection from a Historian” – 5-min video with animated illustration.

“Is the Bible True and Reliable? Isaiah 53 and the Dead Sea Scrolls” video clip with Dr. Dan Biddle and Dave Bisbee of “Genesis Apologetics”; they strive to show students that the biblical account is true; also have a YouTube channel.

“Illusory Truth” scroll down page for 4-minute video clip from “renew.org”.

“Is Jesus God|Did Jesus Claim to be God?”, sample 3-minute video from YouTube channel for “Got Questions”, which “seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by providing biblical, applicable, and timely answers to spiritually related questions through an internet presence”.

“God Didn’t Mean What He Said”“deBUNKED” sample – one of multiple short online video clips – by “RforH”; now have the “deBunked Bus” that travels to churches & groups.

“What Brings Us to Believe That Christianity Is the Exclusive Way to Truth?” – 11-minute video clip of Ravi Zacharias, founder of “Ravi Zacharias International Ministries” (RZIM), answering a university student’s question.

“Why is Christianity Right?” – in 11-minute video clip, Ravi Zacharias & Vince Vatale of “Ravi Zacharias International Ministry” (RZIM) answer this question “for an open forum at the “Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall” in downtown Pittsburgh”.

Why the Bible?” : Ravi Zacharias at the University of Illinois” – 7-min video answer by Ravi Zacharias, founder of “Ravi Zacharias International Ministry” (RZIM).

“18 Trillion Feet of You”– incredible 6.5 min video by “The John 10:10 Project” from “Illustra Media”: “Enter a living human cell to discover a world of unimaginable precision, complexity and design.  Measuring less than 2/1000th of an inch in diameter, the cell is packed with molecular machinery that makes life possible.  These microscopic wonders include our DNA – the genetic code. Through extraordinary computer animation you’ll discover how the more than 18 trillion feet of DNA in your body is organized, stored and processed.”

“What Would You Say?”“Do You Have to Choose Between Science and Religion? sample short video to help Christians engage with others who disagree about issues of faith; by “The Colson Center” (site moving to “Breakpoint”).

“6 Amazing Scientific Facts of the Bible” 12-minute video – by Kyle Butt of “Apologetics Press” (AP) for “wvbs Online Video”; offers documentaries, short videos (most 2 – 8-minutes), & resources in various languages; can view various video topics by alpha (also offer categories listed by topic – online bible studies, ); also offers free online Bible school.

“9 Discoveries that Confirm the Bible” 8-minute video of archaeological discoveries – by Kyle Butt of “Apologetics Press” (AP) for “wvbs Online Video”; offers documentaries, short videos (most 2 – 8-minutes), & resources in various languages; can view various video topics by alpha (also offer categories listed by topic – online bible studies, ); also offers free online Bible school.

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