Judeo-Christian history articles

“Ancient Israeli City Was Already Advanced: One of the earliest archaeological sites ever found in Israel is being described as the ‘New York’ of its day” – by David F. Coppedge, founder of “Creation Evolution Headlines” (CEH).

“Christian Faith in American History” – by Rebecca Hagelin of “Enough is Enough” for “Focus on the Family”.

“Evidence of Babylonian Conquest of Jerusalem Unearthed… Just as the Bible Describes” – by Michael Foust for “Christian Headlines”.

Faith of Our Fathers: Christianity and America’s Founders” – by “Faith of our Founders” (same link).

“Four Reasons to Teach Christian History to Your Kids” – by Danika Cooley, home-schooling mom and founder of “Thinking Kids”.

“Holocaust Intensity Worse than Believed” – by Dr.Jerry Bergman.

“How We Got Our Bible: Christian History Timeline: A brief chronology of how we got ‘The Good Book'”by Philip W. Comfort for  “Christianity Today”.

“John Grigg, Comet Discoverer and Christian” – by Russell Grigg for “Creation Ministries International” (CMI).

“So, What Are the ‘7 C’s’ Anyway?” – explaining the “7 C’s of History – by Stacia McKeever for “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); “7 C’s of History for Kids”, poster, DVD, booklets, and timeline poster available.

“The Absolutely Enormous List of Christian History Books {By Grade and Time Period}” – by Danika Cooley, founder of “Thinking Kids Press”.

“The Bible and Slavery” – by Kyle Butt, M.Div. of “Apologetics Press” (AP).

“The World’s Oldest Alphabet: Evidence suggests it may have been developed by the Hebrews, not the Phoenicians, as believed” – by James R. Hughes for “Creation Ministries International” (CMI).

“Was the United States Really Founded as a Christian Nation?” – by Gregg Frazer for “Answers in Genesis” (AIG).

“What Americans Must Know About Socialism” – by Lee Edwards, PhD. for “‘The Heritage Foundation”.

“What is the history of Christianity?”by “Got Questions”.

“Why The Founding Fathers Despised Democracy” – by Jim Huntzinger for “Townhall” Finance; good reminder that our founding fathers understood that strict democracies have historically ended in mob rule & tyranny, and hence created the American system as a constitutional republic responsible for protecting God-given rights of every person with representatives chosen by the people; the electoral college prevents highly populated states from electing a president while ignoring input from smaller states with less population – I am thankful for their brilliance, forethought, & many sacrifices for the benefit of posterity.

“Your Kids Need Christian History, Too” – by Matt Smethurst for “The Gospel Coalition” (TGC).

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