Preteen leader resources


“3 Strategies for Creating Grace-Inducing Freedom in Preteens” – from “”.

“Caught In-Between: Developing a Preteen Ministry” – by Jeff Land, Publishing Team Leader for “Lifeway Kids” at “Lifeway”.

“Facing the Sixth-Grader Challenge” from “”.

“How to Nurture Preteens’ Faith Development” – by”.

“Mutiny! The Preteens Are Running Kids Church!”by Sean Sweet of “FourFiveSix”.

“Preteen Ministry: Reaching Kids in Transition” – by Curt Knowles for “Children’s Ministries: Developing Leaders; Impacting Kids”.

“Sixth Graders and Youth Ministry” – by “LifeWay Kids Ministry”

“Understanding Preteens” – by “”; also offer curriculum.

“Understanding Preteens + Tips for Creating an Effective Preteen Ministry” – by “”.

“What Should a Preteen Ministry Look Like?” – by “Southern Baptists of Texas Convention”.

“Why 6th Graders Shouldn’t Be in Junior High Ministry: 6th graders belong in preteen ministry, not junior high/middle school ministry” – by

“Why Your Church Needs a Preteen Ministry” – by Rev. Jim Kast-Keat for “”.

CURRICULUM designed for Preteens:

“Deeply Rooted” – 2 year curriculum from “FourFiveSix: Raising the Value of Your Ministry to Preteens”; also offer online and in person preteen conferences (look under “training”).

“Follow Me” – 8-week preteen series by pastor, author, speaker, David Platt, of “Radical”; study offered by Lifeway”.

“Free Preteen Ministry Curriculum” – from “Ministry to Children”.

“Kid Want Answers” – trailer for “Shipwrecked”, one of their series of 3-7 week downloadable curriculum for kids; authors also created “David” video game.

“Patterns of Evidence for Young Explorers” – DVD Bible study with evidence for biblical account of Exodus (also have just DVD as well as DVD & Bible study, “Patterns of Evidence”, for teens & adults).

Preteen Ministry”Nick Dilberto, founder of the site, developed a successful preteen ministry, has written much about it, developed curriculum, and taught at conferences.

“Unseen: The Armor of God for Kids” 7-week study of Ephesians 6:10-17; “based on the Armor of God study by Priscilla Shirer of “Going Beyond Ministries” and helps equip kids to put on the Armor of God to fight life’s battles. Each week develops an aspect of God’s own character, as expressed through Jesus, through Bible study and fun learning activities”.

EVENTS for preteens:

“SuperStart” – huge traveling event designed for preteens with teaching skits, music, friends, & more – by “Christ in Youth” (CIY).

IMAGES for teaching:

Laminin – the adhesion molecule that holds our cells together; 6 minute video clip from Louie Giglio’s “How Great is Our God” DVD; “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17

TRAINING for Preteen Leaders:

“6th Grade Champions” short podcast by “FourFiveSix

“The FourFiveSix Conference” for preteens.

“Preteen 2019 Online Conference” registration” – Feb 21-22, 2019; organized by Sean Sweet of “FourFiveSix: exists to raise the value of ministry to preteens”.

“Retreat 2 Advance” Preteen Ministry Leader Conference by


“Science Confirms the Bible” – by “Answers in Genesis” – 37 minute YouTube video by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis (includes 6 other great video clips).

“Institute for Creation Research” – one sample of 60 high-quality “That’s A Fact 1 – 2 minute video clips.

“The Bible Project” – trailer, “What is the Bible Project?”; engaging video clips with active animated art on entire Bible & Bible themes; free downloads; whole church, Sunday School classes, Bible study groups, or just binge watch like I did when I found this fantastic resource; also offer a guide to use while going through the Bible in one year – I am doing this for 2019).

WEBSITES for preteen leaders:

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