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Tim Hawkins – comedian, singer, & musician has fun with 2 minute funny clip of “Atheist Kids’ Songs”; has YouTube channel and does tours.


“3 Reasons Kids Ministry Is Important” – by Pastor Eric Geiger.

“4 Ways to Reach Out to Families in Crisis” – by Doug Fields for “Lifeway”.

“A Devastating Report on Christian Education” – by Mike Riddle, founder of “Creation Training Inititative” (CTI); with excerpts from “You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving the Church… And Rethinking the Faithby David Kinnaman, President of “Barna Group”.

“A Pastor’s Heart for the Next Generation” by Dale Hudson of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

Apologetics for Children: Be Ready – Always!” – by Mary Jo LeBlanc for “Creation Today”.

“Apologetics for Children: How can we help our children understand evidence for the Christian faith?” – by Mikel Del Rosario, founder of “Your Apologetics Guy”.

“Don’t Neglect the 4–14 Window of Children’s Ministry” – by Steve S. Chang for “The Gospel Coalition”.

“Grandparent Ministry: 5 Big Reasons Why your Church Needs It” – by Hal Seed, founder of “Pastor Mentor”.

“How Sunday Schools Are Raising the Next Generation of Secular Humanists” – by Natasha Crain, author and founder of “Christian Mom Thoughts” blog.

“Is Creation a Secondary Doctrine?” – by Mike Riddle, founder of “Creation Training Intiative”.

Kids Play a Major Role in Parents Attending a Church” – by Dale Hudson of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Most Christian Parents Choose Church Based on Children’s Programs, Barna Finds” – by Michael Foust for “Christian Headlines”.

NOW is the time to reach the next generation with the Gospel” – by Dale Hudson of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

Senior Adults…the Next Generation Needs You – by Dale Hudson of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“The Biggest Reason Churches Are Dying” – by Dale Hudson of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“The Critical Pre-Teen Years” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“The Importance of Biblical Creation” – by Joel Tay with seminary professor, Dr. Rick Griffith, for “Creation Ministries International” (CMI).

Want a Thriving Church? Focus on Children!” by Dale Hudson of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Where Churches Are Failing Kids” – by Dale Hudson of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Why Children Are the Most Important People in the Church: everything you wish your Senior Pastor knew about children’s ministry” – by Damon DeLillo for “International Network for Children’s Ministry” (INCM) blog.

“Why I Drove Past 50 Restaurants and Didn’t Stop” – by Dale Hudson of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Why is the subject of Creation an important issue?”– by “Creation Ministries International” (CMI).

“Why the Next Generation Doesn’t Know Christianity is True” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”.


“Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code: Seven Keys to Unleashing Vision and Inspiration – by Samuel R. Chand; “Why is it that the best strategic plans and good leadership often are not able to move churches in the desired direction? Sam Chand contends that toxic culture is to blame. Quite often, leaders don’t sense the toxicity, but it poisons their relationships and derails their vision”.

Giving a Voice to the Voiceless: A Qualitative Study of Reducing Marginalization of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Same-Sex Attracted Students at Christian Colleges and Universities” – book by Dr. Christopher Yuan, author, speaker, & Bible professor who came from a background of medical academics, gay lifestyle, drug dealing, & prison and then came to know Jesus and was transformed by God’s Word while in prison; can watch powerful 1-hour testimony interview video with Allen Parr on “The BEAT”.

We Too: How the Church Can Respond Redemptively to the Sexual Abuse Crisis” – by Mary deMuth; “The church should be the safest place for sexual abuse survivors. Sadly, it’s not always been a haven. But we want to see the momentum gloriously shift.”; offers articles,resources, info for churches, info for survivors, & more (see intro video below under resources / websites).


“Church Bulletin Inserts” (free half-page sheets on multiple topics; can also be used as teaching resource/handouts) – by “Creation Moments”.

“Children’s Worship Bulletins” are carefully written and designed by Christian educators to engage children in worship, not distract them from it.”; two age groups available; can receive bulletins each week or customize to match each week’s sermon; can also be used at home.


“Helix Nebula” is known by some as the “Eye of God”; photo credit to NASA – shown on their “HubbleSite”.

Illuminated cross seen in black hole of “Whirlpool Galaxy”; photo credit to NASA – shown on their “HubbleSite”.

Laminin – the adhesion molecule that holds our cells together; 6 minute video clip from “How Great is Our God” DVD: “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17 – DVD by Louie Giglio, pastor, author, speaker, & founder of “Passion” (in 2017, 55,000 people between 18-25 years old attended in Atlanta – the largest Jesus–focused collegiate gathering in history); also founded the “Passion Global Institute”, that partners with “Dallas Theological Seminary”.

KIDMIN RESOURCES are listed on the Kidmin resources page.

“If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God.” 

D. L. Moody


“Newspring Network exists to serve, equip and connect church leaders so more people are reached for the Gospel” free resources of all kinds for churches (“Sermon Series, Student Series, Kid Series, Group Studies, Volunteers, & Other Resources”); from “Newspring Community Church”.

“Right Now Media” sample trailer for“Book of Judges”“The customizable video Bible study library for every person in your church allows churches to offer access to their congregation of large library of video teachings for all ages: Equip Families, Resource Groups & Develop Leaders”; pricing & how to launch.

“Share Faith” -“All-In-One Church Worship & Outreach Resources To Engage And Grow Disciples”;”creating cutting-edge media and technology resources that equip the entire ministry team and all ministry platforms to serve and teach with excellence.”

“VERGE Network”membership site “for church leaders, students, entrepreneurs, artists, urban innovators, business leaders, community development specialists, non-profit leaders, church planters and everyday leaders – anyone pursuing the mission of God, in community, whatever the context, for the sake of the Gospel”; offer a “discipleship library”; upgrade to “VERGELAB” offers “Master classes”, webinars, discounts, etc.


“Jerusalem Second Temple Laser Cut Do-it-Yourself Kit” – model by “Judaica Web Store”; balsa wood model (some are very small pieces).

“Noah’s Ark Accurate Scale model”– by “Fidelity Bible Kits”; 6 feet long when assembled; 1/72 scale and comes with scale animals; handmade of cardboard and Velcro; this site founder purchased this model for a preteen Bible study for students to put together as part of each session in the series on evidence for a global flood.

“Rose Guide to the Tabernacle” – illustrations, charts, diagrams, & clear plastic overlays – by Benjamin Galan for “Hendrickson Rose Publishing”.

“Tabernacle Model” – by “Vision Video”; additional instructions and ideas on “E Bible Teacher”“Tabernacle”“Hendrickson Rose Publishing” PowerPoint presentation, Chart book, and pamphlets; this site founder has purchased this model for a preteen Bible study that students put together as part of each session in a series on how Jesus fulfilled the elements of the Tabernacle.


“4 to 14 Window Movement” – “The 4/14 Window Movement is a Global Mission Movement focusing on Reaching, Rescuing, Rooting, and Releasing children and youth (0-18 years old) to reach their full transformational impact in their family, community, and nation”; Why 4 to 14?”, news, history, resources, & more.

“100 Huntley Street” inspirational stories; also has a YouTube channel.

The Alexandrian Forum: Discover Jesus in a way that changes how you see everything” – “Spiritual revival comes from reading the Word of God”; offers online free audio Bible classes (Alexandrian Academy), “How to Study the Bible”, “Finding Jesus in the Old Testament”, “Finding Jesus in the New Testament”, devotionals, e-mail newsletter, “Literary Bible Study” pdf download, & more; founded by professor & attorney, Dr. Warren Gage.

“Bible Study Fellowship” (BSF) – “global, in-depth Bible classes producing passionate commitment to Christ, His Word and His Church. Our vision is to magnify God and mature His people as they cultivate a deeper relationship with Him; offers thousands of small groups all over the world for men, women, teens, children, & preschoolers; various book studies, blog, Holy Land tours, Facebook page, Find a group, & more.

“Bible School on Wheels” – one year of topical small group studies from “Teach Every Nation” (TEN) founded by author, speaker, & also founder of “Walk Thru the Bible”, Bruce Wilkinson.

“Christian Book Distributors: Everything Christian For Less” (CBD) – offers books, Bibles, DVDs, music, Bible studies, gifts, kids’ (books, Bibles, videos, toys, etc.), homeschooling curriculum, Christian Academics (apologetics, Bible reference, Christian history, theology, biblical languages, commentaries, etc.), & more; NOTE from site founder: many of the resources listed on this site are found at CBD.

“Christian Tools of Affirmation” (CTA) – “vision to see Christians highly effective in their ministries so that Christ’s kingdom is strengthened and expanded”; offers gift sets for all ministries (women’s, men’s, children’s, youth, church, etc.) as well as helpful event guides, & much more.

“Cokesbury: Resources for the Christian Journey”. – “the retail and customer service arm of The United Methodist Publishing House” that also serves other denominations and independent churches; “offers more than 300,000 unique products including books, Bibles, curriculum, worship resources, and church supplies; also offers gifts, Bible studies, & more.

“Concordia Supply” – family owned and operated church supply house “providing ministry leaders with quality christian resources that transform lives for Christ”; offers banners, Bibles by the case, communion supplies, candlelight supplies, worship bulletins, Sunday School items, VBS supplies, & more.

“Crosswalk”“aims to offer the most compelling biblically-based content to Christians on their walk with Jesus‘ offers categories for devotionals, faith, family, church, news & culture, articles, online videos, podcasts, daily Bible reading, links to Bible search and news, and more.

“Crossway” – non-profit publishing organization that “exists solely for the purpose of proclaiming the gospel through publishing and other means in order, by God’s grace”; offers articles, Bibles, books, tracts, mobile apps, & Bible reading plans.

“Freedom Project Academy”“fully accredited online academy, partnership to provide live classes to churches and private schools across the country, Common Core Free curriculum developed in-house, and award-winning media”; “use the term ‘Judeo-Christian’ to refer to the scope of our Classical Curriculum, and not in any theological, sectarian, or denominational sense. When stressing Judeo-Christian values, we mean to suggest that we expect our students to be familiar with Biblical history across the Old and New Testaments, and understand the ways that this history has impacted our culture, laws, and history—from Genesis to the Ten Commandments and from the Sermon on the Mount to the Epistles of Paul.”; also have a homeschool track and video resource

“Generis”: “We take biblical principles, best giving practices, and your ministry’s DNA and collaborate with you to weave them together into a strategy that will help you fund your God-inspired vision.”; offers generosity solutions for churches, non-profits, & Christian Education with various resources.

“Got Questions”, which “seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by providing biblical, applicable, and timely answers to spiritually related questions through an internet presence”; has videos on their YouTube channel.

“Hendrickson Rose Publishing” – helpful fold-out laminated pamphlets on many topics, posters, Bible studies, books, Bibles, & more.

Lead Volunteers” – “Changing Volunteer Pains into Ministry Gains”; the most comprehensive resource to
recruit, train, and retain volunteers”; membership access to a variety of training modules and resources; also offers on-site consulting workshop; founded by Josh Denhart of “Kidmin Science”.

“Lifeway: Biblical Solutions for Life” – offers a multitude of resources for churches, ministries, & individuals including Bibles, books, videos, Christian & Worship music, Bible studies, curriculum, VBS material, church supplies, gifts, camps & mission projects, events, & much more; also offers membership to churches for “Ministry Grid” ministry training.

“Like Jesus” – “a disciple-making platform designed to help your church/ministry/small group create a culture of disciple-making… building a movement of multiplication, just like Jesus did”; offers free app and e-book; founded by Dr. Dann Spader, author and founder of “Sonlife Ministries” and “Global Youth Initiative”.

“M-3 Ministries”“to further God’s kingdom movement” and “strengthen local churches through a threefold ministry of pastoral encouragement, church education, and community engagement”; founded by Doug & Frankie Main; Doug is a pastor and professor at “Eternity Bible College”.

“RforH” – resources include “deBunked” video clips, “Two Minute Teaching” video clips, speaking events, “Fast Facts” animal video clips for kids, teens, & adults (scroll down to see six 1-minute video clips for each); the “deBunked Bus” traveling outreach, “Academy of Hope” courses, YouTube channel, & more.

“Renew”intro video; “We renew the teachings of Jesus to fuel disciple making”; offers articles and videos.

“Summit Ministries” – offers articles, Bible study, camps & conferences, and curriculum for adults, teens, & kids; offers “Worldview Checkup” survey to “identify how the five fatal worldviews have made their way into your worldview”.

“Resilient Disciples” – equipping kids with the tools to stand firm in their faith; “Belong – highly relational environment; Believe – deeply biblical ministry; Becoming – outward expressions of faith”; Resilient is an invitation to join the most important conversation in the church and radically reconsider our approach to children’s ministry”; offers book, Resilient: Child Discipleship and the Fearless Future of the Church” by Valerie Bell, CEO of AWANA”, and Matt Markins, Chief Strategy Officer of AWANA”.

“TWR360” “breaks down barriers of language and accessibility so users can download, stream and read abundant Christian media resources to grow in their daily walk with Christ”.

“Teach Every Nation” (TEN) – series of Bible studies “to equip massive numbers of disciples where they are most needed in the world.“; founded by Bruce Wilkinson; studies include “Survey of the Bible” (Old Testament and New Testament, “70 x 7” (forgiveness study), “How to Double Your Church, Business, & Personal Productivity” (“Bible School on Wheels” is a year-long certificate program that our church offers), “Anyone can Become a Great Communicator”, & more; after being in 3 of these studies, I highly recommend them to anyone.

“Vets 4 Child Rescue” – founded by former Marine, Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, for “raising awareness about the epidemic of child sex trafficking, rescuing victims, and putting predators behind bars”; offers “Toolbox”, events, volunteer, testimonials, & arrests.

“Walk Thru the Bible” – “Take a Walk – Change the World”; offers innovative events, global impact, devotionals, and resources for individuals, churches, small groups, & families; founded by author, speaker, & also founder of “Bible School on Wheels” and “Teach Every Nation”, Bruce Wilkinson.

Too: How the Church Can Respond Redemptively to the Sexual Abuse Crisis” – by Mary deMuth; “The church should be the safest place for sexual abuse survivors. Sadly, it’s not always been a haven. But we want to see the momentum gloriously shift.”; offers articles,resources, info for churches, info for survivors, & more (see book above).

“Wordsearch Bible” a tool with seemingly endless resources to equip leaders and others to study God’s Word; “platform is effortless for all to use, affordable for all, and fully customizable”; a division of “Lifeway”.

Messianic Passover Seder resources (image credit to “Jews for Jesus”), who can lead an event; if choose another Messianic Jewish person to lead Seder, will need following items: background, supplies, & recipes and “Mysterious Passover Symbols” article from “Jews for Jesus”; Seder plate, Afikoman bag, & Elijah cup, by Judaica Web Store”; “The Messianic Passover Seder Preparation Guide (Haggadah)” – by Barry Rubin; “Hendrickson Rose Publishing” offers“Christ in the Passover” PowerPoint, pamphlets, chart; did this for preteens with their leaders serving & used items to address each plague (bouncing ping-pong balls on table for hail, lice printed on label paper to stick on arms & head, small cattle toys with “X”s on eyes, scarves as blindfolds for darkness, etc.).


“Creation, Believe it or Not” – 2-part “Grace to You” 30-minute podcasts on the plain reading of Genesis by pastor, author, speaker, & founder of “The Master’s University” and “The Master’s Seminary”, Dr. John MacArthur; Part 1 and Part 2.


“Students Don’t Have to Leave Their Faith at Home”“Alliance Defending Freedom” (ADF) offers legal support to those whose religious freedom rights have been violated; the ADF Church Alliance offers “practical legal help for churches so you can freely live and preach the Gospel”; young Christian professionals entering the spheres of public policy, business, law, & biomedical sciences can apply to attend Areté Academy, a week-long summer training program “to become an effective advocate for policies based upon Judeo-Christian principles and natural law theory”.

“Child Evangelism Fellowship” (CEF) – “Bible-centered organization composed of born-again believers whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living”; offers “Good News Club” in public schools, “5-Day Club”, “CityKids*”, “Camp Good News“, “Military Children’s Ministry”, & “Youth Challenge”, & “Outreach Ministries” (events).

“First Liberty”“the largest legal organization in the nation dedicated exclusively to defending religious liberty for all Americans. We believe that every American of any faith—or no faith at all—has a fundamental right to follow their conscience and live according to their beliefs. Our nation’s Founding Fathers established this right as our First Freedom nearly two and a half centuries ago, and we intend to keep it that way”.

“Gateways to a Better Education” – resources and conferences for Christian teachers and students in public schools; “The Gateways Minute” answers questions commonly asked.

“Pacific Justice Institute – a “legal defense organization [west coast] specializing in the defense of religious freedom, parental rights, and other civil liberties. Pacific Justice Institute works diligently, without charge, to provide its clients with all the legal support they need.”

“Pacific Legal Foundation” (PLF) – “defends Americans’ liberties when threatened by government overreach and abuse”.

“Partner with Schools” – goal is to “Bring the Light to School”; equips kids & families to know their rights, encourages churches & parents to connect with local schools and make a difference in the lives of kids; downloadable brochure of religious rights in public schools.

“RenewaNation”“transforming culture by giving children a biblical worldview”; “to inspire & equip the family, church, and school to give children a biblical worldview”; offers articles, “Biblical Worldview Training Camps” (on site & Simulcast), “The RenewaNation Review”, “The Viewfinder” (a tool to help schools, churches, and families measure biblical worldview development), Manderley Camp in eastern Tennessee, home school starter kit, & more.

“See You at the Pole” is a “global day of student prayer” begun by 3 students in Texas and now millions of students take part; the event is student-initiated, student-organized, and student-led on the 4th Wednesday of each September; logo theme changes each year.


“If your life consistently bears no fruit, God will intervene to discipline you. If your life bears some fruit, God will intervene to prune you. If your life bears a lot of fruit, God will invite you to abide more deeply with Him.”.

Bruce Wilkinson


“Fallout” trailer from 30 minute movie; “evangelistic tool is meant to be shared with pastors, family, and friends”; from “Creation Ministries, International” (CMI).

“The God Who Speaks”trailer for 90 minute 2018 documentary that “traces the evidence of the Bible’s authority” with multiple Bible scholars, pastors, authors, & apologists; learn more; endorsements; site license; produced by “American Family Studios”, a division of “American Family Association” (AFA).


“Did God Use Evolution?” 6-minute sample short video – by “Creation Training Initiative”

“Creation Training Initiative”“mission is to equip Christians worldwide to be effective teachers and speakers on the subjects of biblical creation and apologetics, so that, the next generation can be trained to stand firm on biblical truth and defend the gospel”; founder, Mike Riddle, offers articles, short videos, various training courses, seminars, online video training, interviews, & more.

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