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Observable science is used in most areas of scientific inquiry.  It is based on proven scientific laws and must be testable and repeatable.  Observable science utilizes the scientific method.  With things that happened in the past, the scientific method is not possible, so findings are based on historical records and by studying current data, and then extrapolating that to past times and events.  This is called historical science.  Unfortunately, everyone has underlying assumptions called presuppositions that affect our interpretations and conclusions of even the same evidence.  Many people are unaware of the evidence that supports the biblical account of Creation or just do not have the time to research them. This site hopes to provide an easy way to find answers.

Whenever you hear or read something that contradicts the Bible, remember to ask, based on “Creation Training Initiative” (CTI) material from Mike Riddle:

  1. “What is the actual evidence?” (not someone’s interpretation of the evidence)
  2. “Was anyone there to see it?”
  3. “Are any assumptions being made?”
  4. “Can it be tested and repeated?”

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