Bible commentary videos

“Bible Project” sample 8 minute video commentary on book of Hebrews; site offers free video clips for all Bible books & various series (Holiness, Advent, etc.); donation supported; free downloads; whole church and/or Bible study groups can also use while going through the Bible in one year; also offer cell phone app, “Read Scripture” (see below).

Francis Chan, pastor, author, and founder of “Crazy Love” and “We are Church” – a 4-minute clip, “Balance Beam Illustration” from a sermon.

Francis Chan, pastor, author, and founder of Crazy Love Ministries and “We are Church” – a 4-minute clip,Rope Illustration”, from a sermon.

Steve Henry, pastor of “Harvest Church” 4 minute clip from sermon titled “Daily Deciding the Path of Wisdom and Tenderness”.

Jim Jackson, pastor of “Orchard Community Church”, answers questions many people ask; sample 2-minute clip “Who Gets a Free Pass from God?” from “Pastor Jim Answers”.

Jim Jackson, pastor of “Orchard Community Church”, also brings the Bible to life through video teaching and accompanying book direct from Israel in “Days with Jesus” – “What would life look like if you spent your days with Jesus?”; sample video clip above from “Jesus Feeds the 5000 and more”.

“Read Scripture” cell phone app plan to use Scripture commentary videos with reading through the Bible in one year (can also take part online & download reading plan) – by “The Bible Project”.

The BEAT” (Biblical Encouragement And Truth)  – by Bible teacher, speaker, & Worship leader, Allen Parr; 5-10 minute video clips answering questions many people ask about the Bible & the Christian faith; Allen Parr also has “Let’s Equip Academy” where he offers “Bible Study Made Easy”; see trailer on How to Study Bible page.

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