Apologetic websites

Creation apologetics have their own section.

“Always Be Ready Apologetics Ministry” – “a Christian apologetics ministry dedicated to equipping people with well-researched information on issues that seek to undermine or challenge the truth of Christianity as revealed in the Bible. We believe that evidence from cosmology, astronomy, biology, archaeology, history, and so on, bears witness to the fact the Bible is a trustworthy account of how God has intervened in human history.”

“Apologetics Press” (AP) – “scripturally sound and scientifically accurate materials in the field of Christian apologetics”.

Biblical Science Institute trailer – by astrophysicist, Dr. Jason Lisle; articles & video clips on the truth of the Bible and how science supports it.

“Biblical Training” offers free online apologetic training from graduate seminary professors; see trailer and details; a certificate program is offered; see J.I. Packer quote below:

“The vision that drives Biblical Training is twofold.  The first part of the dream is that every Christian should be educated and equipped for the fullest use of their spiritual gifts in serving others for Christ’s sake.  The second part of the dream is that Christian education up to seminary standard should be available free to anyone who can work a computer.  What a magnificent, momentous dream! And now it is coming true as more and more courses are made available on the Biblical Training website. May God prosper Biblical Training mightily! I cannot commend the venture too highly.” ~ J.I. Packer

“Cold Case Christianity” –  sample video clip of J. Warner Wallace, former cold case homicide detective and author of the book, “Cold Case Christianity”, “God’s Crime Scene”, & “Forensic Faith”, as well as “Cold Case Christianity for Kids”, “God’s Crime Scene for Kids”, & “Forensic Faith for kids”; has video clips answering the big questions of life; also has books & studies for adults as well as books & “Case Maker Academy” kids’ study.

“Compelling Truth”“the truth about GodSin, the Bible, Salvation, Eternity, and Jesus Christ with answers to questions on these and many other topics.

“Genesis Apologetics“committed to providing Christian families with Biblically & scientifically based answers to the evolutionary theory that many children are taught during 6th, 7th, and 10th grades in public schools (in California) & most other states during varying grades”.

“Got Questions” offers answers to over 500,000 questions about faith & the Bible – a ministry of “Reasons for Hope* Jesus*”; offers speakers, “deBunked” video clips, andFast Facts” (study for both elementary & middle school students; now have the “deBunked Bus” that travels to schools & churches.

“Josh McDowell Ministry” – former agnostic and later a Christian apologist, evangelist, author, and speaker, Josh McDowell, offers apologetic resources, personal research, spiritual growth resources, videos, and more; a “CRU” ministry.

“Ratio Christi Student Apologetics Alliance (Latin for ‘The Reason of Christ’)” – a global movement that equips university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ”; offers articles, “Truth Matters” radio show hosted by missionary & speaker,Tony Gurule, YouTube channel, & more.

“Ravi Zacharias International Ministry” (RZIM) – Ravi Zacharias gives a 10 minute answer to “How do you know that Christianity is the one true worldview?” “Difficult Questions. Thoughtful Answers: For over 30 years and across 43 countries, RZIM has met millions of questioners with thoughtful answers concerning faith and God”; founder is evangelist, apologist, author, & speaker.

“Renew”intro video; “We renew the teachings of Jesus to fuel disciple making”; offers articles and videos.

“The John 10:10 Project”“explores the abundant life Jesus promised.  How can we experience lasting joy, peace and purpose in a world often dominated by discouragement and fear?”; sign up for free access to collection of video clips and resources; YouTube channel; free hand-out cards.

“The One Minute Apologist” sample video clip – “How Were The New Testament Books Picked?” – by founder, Dr. Bobby Conway; over 950 video teaching clips on
YouTube channel; some clips are a little longer and some include discussions with guests.

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