Kidmin training

“The Big List of 2020 KidMin Conferences” – by David Rauch, founder of “GO” curriculum; great list (but doesn’t include all for preteens).

“How to Make a Bible Story Come Alive” – 8-minute video clip by Roger Fields, Senior Pastor who became a Children’s Pastor, created “KidzBlitz Live” & “FamBlitz Live”, and authored “The Calling”.

“AWANA” training for those serving in AWANA; offer live events and online training.

“Building Children’s Ministry” – offers online training, on-site training, and coaching for Kidmin leaders as well as children’s ministry evaluation and hiring consultation.

“Calvary Curriculum’s Children’s Ministry Conference” – 1 day conference in Diamond Bar, CA.

“Four Five Six” training for Preteen leaders; annual 2-day online training event in Feb; retreat for leaders; offers “Launchinar”, an online training event for those new to preteen ministry; all organized by Sean Sweet of “Four Five Six”.

“Kidmin MegaCon” – annual 4-day conference in Nashville, TN for those serving in children’s ministry.

“CMTA IMPACT” (Christian Ministries Training Association) – annual 2 day conference in Pasadena, CA for those serving in any capacity of ministry; Friday night general session; offers resource booths.

“Children’s Ministry Expo”“number one place to find local resources for Children’s Ministry”; was in in Oklahoma February 2019.

“D-6 Family Conference” – annual 3 day conference in Orlando, FL; hosted and owned by “Randall House Publications”.

“ETCH Family Conference” – annual 3 day conference by “Lifeway”; was in Nashville in 2019.

“Kidmin Academy” – year-long online training for those leading or serving in children’s ministry; certificates and diplomas can be earned (classes begin in October & March each year).

“Kidmin Nation 365” – a 24/7, yearlong conference for children’s ministry leaders; “innovative, creative, and Gospel-centered community of kidmin influencers and thought-leaders committed to Creative freedom, the spiritual formation of children, Biblical success in kids ministry, & the church/parent partnership”;
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“Kidmin Nation MegaCon”– major annual 4 day conference; by “Kidmin Nation” in Nashville in October; also offering free 3-day “Kidmin Nation Online Mega-Con” in April 2019.

“KidStory” training and workshops from “Kids Around the World”; master the art of storytelling with only basic materials; great for everyone, but especially helpful in the mission field.

“Orange Conference” – focus on personal relationships to kids & families; in Georgia in month of May.

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