Favorites of Site Founder

BOOKS – spiritual growth (too many to list, so included those that had the greatest influence after the Bible & Bible studies; listed by alpha):

“A Grief Observed” – by C.S. Lewis.

“Abundant Living” – by E. Stanley Jones.

“Boundaries” – by Drs. Henry Cloud & John Townsend.

“Dark Valleys” – by Todd M. Smith.

“Fool’s Talk” – by Os Guinness.

“Experiencing God” – by Henry Blackaby.

“God’s Passion for His Glory” – by John Piper.

“Hell’s Best Kept Secret” – by Ray Comfort.

“How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible” – by Keith Farrin.

“Knowledge of the Holy” – by A.W. Tozer.

“Living by the Book” – by Howard Hendricks.

“Mere Apologetics” – by Alister McGrath.

“Mere Christian Apologetics” – by James Stroud.

“Mere Christianity” – by C.S. Lewis.

“More Than a Carpenter” – by Josh McDowell.

“Orthodoxy” – by G.K. Chesterton.

“Teaching to Change Lives” – by Howard Hendricks.

“The Complete Answer Book” – by Hank Hannegraaf.

“The Power of Crying Out” – by Bill Gothard.

“The Prayer of Jesus” – by Hank Hannegraaf.

“The Problem of Pain” – by C.S. Lewis.

“The Pursuit of God” – by A.W. Tozer.

“The Red Sea Rules” – by Robert Morgan.

“The Screwtape Letters” – by C.S. Lewis.

BOOKS – preteens & older:

“Flooded” – by Jeff Miller; published by “Apologetics Press”.

“Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Dire Dragons” – by Vance Nelson; other books in the series are available.

“Introduction to Logic” – by astrophysicist, Jason Lisle & founder of “Biblical Institute Institute”.

“Radical Book for Kids”Champ Thornton, theologian, author, & editor for “Crossways” Christian publisher.

“Censored Science” – by Bruce Malone, chemical engineer, former evolutionist, & founder of “Search for the Truth”.


“Generations” podcast by author, pastor, Kevin Swanson – 30-min discussion on various topics from a biblical worldview; first 5 minutes or so is news from a biblical worldview from “The Worldview in 5 Minutes” with Adam McManus; one of my favorite podcasts is: “Humans and Apes: Tracing Our Roots to Adam”, an excellent discussion podcast with actual evidence, pertinent history, & a biblical foundation for the plain reading of Genesis with researcher, author, & speaker, Dr. Terry Mortenson of “Answers in Genesis”.

“Prophecy Pros” podcast by pastor, speaker, author, & founder of “Main Thing Ministries”, Jeff Kinley, and author, speaker, illustrator, animation producer, & creator of “Timbuktoons”, Todd Hampson; site founder was hesitant of all resources focused on prophecy because of so much focus on speculation, so was happy to have this podcast recommended by our youth pastor – it stays focused on what Scripture actually says and current events through that biblical lens.

VIDEOS – Kids & preteens:

“Theo” kids’ DVD series or online streaming that teaches theology with quality animated short video segments.

“Incredible Creatures the Defy Evolution” 3-volume DVD series from “Exploration Films” that teaches how God has uniquely designed animals; hosted by former evolutionist, Dr. Jobe Martin, speaker, author, & founder of “Biblical Discipleship Ministries”; can also watch on the Exploration Films YouTube channel.

“What’s in the Bible?” – animated DVD series or online streaming commentary on each book of the Bible designed for kids by Phil Vischer (creator of “Veggie Tales”).

VIDEOS – Teens & Adults:

“Illustra Media” – top-quality full-length films showcasing intelligent design found in nature; amazing videography.

VIDEO Bible commentary:

“The BEAT” – video commentary on biblical & cultural topics by “Allen Parr”.

“Bible Project” – free online video commentary on Bible books with active illustrations; also offers videos on themes, word studies, podcasts, and offers a chronological Bible reading plan and phone app.


“Cross-Examined” video discussions with Frank Turek.

“One Minute Apologist” short video discussions with Bobby Conway.


“Creation Fellowship Santee” – free video discussions on YouTube channel; other topics as well.

“Creation Today” video discussions with Eric Hovind; other topics as well; 1st 30 min free access.

“Creation Training Initiative” (CTI) free videos with Mike Riddle; also offers quality training.

“David Rives Ministries” (DRM) & YouTube channel – numerous resources.

VIDEO STUDIES – Apologetics:

“Truth Project” – DVD-based 13-session Bible study led by Dr. Del Tackett for “Focus on the Family”; “on the relevance and importance of living the Biblical worldview in daily life, featuring insights from biblical experts like R.C. Sproul, Os Guinne and Gordon Pennington”.


“Made in His Image” – 4-session DVD series by “Institute for Creation Research” (ICR).

“Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis” – 12-session DVD series by “Institute for Creation Research” (ICR).


“American Heritage Series” – 10-DVD set on founding of America with David Barton, founder of “Wallbuilders”.

“Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts” – DVDs or online viewing of various segments of history hosted by Dave Stotts; has YouTube channel; also available for “Right Now Media” members.

WEBSITES – Apologetics:

“Cold Case Christianity” apologetics resources for preteens & up by J. Warner Wallace & YouTube channel.

“One Minute Apologist” by Dr. Bobby Conway & YouTube channel.

“Sean McDowell” – apologetics resources & YouTube channel.

WEBSITES – Bible focused:

“Apply God’s Word” – short videos with Mark Ballenger discussing culture & relationships from a biblical worldview.

“Bible Munch” – short videos with answers to questions from biblical worldview; ministry of “Got Questions”.

“Bible Project” – free online video commentary on Bible books with active illustrations; also offers videos on themes, word studies, podcasts, and offers a chronological Bible reading plan and phone app.

“Got Questions” – answering questions from a biblical worldview.

“Reasons for Hope*Jesus” articles & answers to questions,

“The BEAT” – video Bible commentary by “Allen Parr”.

WEBSITES – Bible tools:

“Bible Gateway” – read Scripture in multiple versions; numerous resources for studying the Bible, & more.

“Bible Study Tools” – numerous resources for studying the Bible & more.

“Matthew Henry Commentary” – free online resource.

WEBSITES – Creation:

“Answers in Genesis” (AIG) – numerous resources & YouTube channel.

“Creation Fellowship Santee” – YouTube channel with free video discussions on Creation & other topics.

“Creation Ministries International” (CMI) numerous resources & YouTube channel.

“Creation Moments” articles to read or listen (2-min audio); offers free half-sheet church bulletin inserts (I print out articles for preteen students when they are related to the lesson) being taught).

“Creation Today” by Eric Hovind numerous resources & YouTube channel.

.“Creation Training Initiative” (CTI) by Mike Riddle & YouTube channel.

“Genesis Apologetics” – numerous resources geared to 5th grade & up & YouTube channel.

“David Rives Ministries” https://www.youtube.com/c/GenesisApologetics(DRM) & numerous resources & YouTube channel.

“Illustra Media” – provides top-quality nature documentaries showcasing intelligent design.

“Institute for Creation Research” (ICR) – numerous resources, very good “That’s a Fact” 2-min videos, & YouTube channel.

WEBSITES – Evangelism:

“Billy Graham Evangelical Association” (BGEA).

“John 10:10 Project” – outreach site with video resources to encourage faith & point people to their Creator; offshoot of “Illustra Media”.

“Behold Israel” by Amir Tsarfati.

“Living Waters” by Ray Comfort.

WEBSITES – Prophecy/End Times:

“Prophecy Pros” & podcast.

“Behold Israel” – videos, & writings by Amir Tsarfati.

WEBSITES – Streaming family friendly films, TV: shows, documentaries, Bible studies, etc.:

“Exploration Films” – family-friendly films and streaming choices.

“Redeem TV” – free membership streaming choices for families; includes “Torchlighters” animated missionary series and recent animated Pilgrim’s Progress” film.

“Revelation Media” – subscription family-friendly streaming service; working on “iBible”, “the world’s first visual, interactive Bible. FREE to the world!”.

“Right Now Media” – subscription streaming service for churches to offer their congregants; includes films, TV shows, Bible studies, & more.

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