Judeo-Christian history websites

“Associates for Biblical Research”“Archaeological evidence, properly interpreted, upholds the history of the Bible.”; several books by the late Dr. David Livingston, website founder; offers quarterly “Bible & Spade” magazine subscription; archive issues available; “Jericho Unearthed” DVD also available.

“Bible Land Passages”intro video describing videos & photos; site “designed help others better understand and appreciate the Bible. We want everyone to know that when they read about places like Beersheba, Jericho, Jerusalem, Caesarea, and cities surrounding the Sea of Galilee, that those places exist just as the Bible describes. We are also dedicated to examining the lands of the Bible which can provide a window into the ancient past”; a project of “wvbs Online Video”.

“Biblical Archaeology Review”: magazine subscription from the “Archaeological Society: bringing the ancient world to life”

“Hillsdale College” – offers free online courses (“The Constitution“, “An Introduction to C.S. Lewis”“The Federalist Papers”, etc.); offers “Imprimus”, a free monthly print or online newsletter with articles from major thinkers in our society; from their website: “Our world will change—what it means to be human will not. We ask our students to grapple with the timeless truths and enduring questions of the Western Tradition. This develops a foundation for the rest of their lives, from their choice of major to their choice of career.”

“Museum of the Bible exists to invite all people to engage with the Bible: The museum, located in Washington, D.C, showcases fascinating artifacts and offers an immersive experience with the Bible and its ongoing impact on the world around us.”

“Voice of the Martyrs”“nonprofit, interdenominational Christian missions organization dedicated to serving our persecuted family worldwide”; founded by WWII pastor tortured for 14 years before he, his wife, and son were ransomed free, Richard Wurmbrand (story told in movie, “Tortured for Christ”); offers free newsletter.

“Wallbuilders” “Presenting America’s forgotten history and heroes with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional heritage”; historian, speaker, & founder, David Barton, offers kids’ books on American heroes, other Christian heroes, exact replicas of founding documents, curriculum, reprints of early American books; TV broadcast schedule.

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