Judeo-Christian history books

Books listed that I am personally familiar with and would recommend:


“The World Jesus Knew” – by Seth Pollinger, Ph.D., Director of Content at “Museum of the Bible”;
“immerses the modern reader in the worldwide drama of the first century and depicts an era of global conquest and domination”.


“Courageous” series – from “Voice of the Martyrs” (VOM); learn about courageous heroes of the faith, 3 of them are the true stories behind some of our holidays; includes Valentine, Patrick, Nicholas, Thomas, Paul, St. Nicholas, & Stephen.

“In God We Trust: Stories of Faith in American History” – by Timothy Crater and Ranelda Hunsicker (could not find bios).

“New England Primer” (from 1776) – reprinted 1991 by David Barton of “Wallbuilders”.

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