Eyes2C is for those who want to know that the Bible can be trusted as ultimate Truth and also for those who want to increase their knowledge and confidence in teaching and sharing about our glorious Savior, Jesus Christ

May the plethora of links allow you to easily and quickly seek out evidence for yourself and others that God has revealed Himself through the wonders of His Creation and through His inspired Word, the Bible.

“What no eye has seen,
    what no ear has heard,
and what no human mind has conceived—
    the things God has prepared for those who love Him—
these are the things God has revealed to us by His Spirit.”

1 Corinthians 2:9-10

Happy Searching !

“Jesus said, ‘But blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they hear’.” 

Matthew 13:16 

“Jesus appeals to the soul as light appeals to the eye, as truth fits the conscience, as beauty speaks to the aesthetic nature. For Christ and the soul are made for one another…”

E. Stanley Jones, Missionary & Evangelist,

“The Gospel of the Kingdom” – by “The Bible Project”.

“Illusory Truth” 4-minute video clip from “renew.org”.

“Apologetics for Preteens” – 6-minute podcast with
Sean Sweet, founder of “FourFiveSix” online preteen ministry, and this site’s founder, Connie Rice.

This online conference was great! Looking forward to the 2019 Kidmin Megacon in Nashville October 1-3!

April 23-25, 2019 FREE online conference for kidmin leaders: “Kidmin Nation Mega-Con Online”

RECENT LINKS ADDED TO WEBSITE (limited to 30 most recent additons).

“My Awesome Adventure” – by “Discipleland” in partnership with Karl Bastian, founder of “Kidology”; offers Disciple Guides for ages 9-12 and 6-9 and Leader Guides; bundle also available; fun discipleship Bible study for church or home.

Pediments: Rapidly carved by channelized Flood runoff” – by Michael Oard for “Creation Ministries International” (CMI).

“Healing with the sorrow of miscarriage” – by Emily Wierenga for “Focus on the Family”

“Dramatic dinosaur footprints at Karoola station, Australia: Fleeing the rising waters of Noah’s Flood” – by Tas Walker for “Creation Ministries International” (CMI).

“Is the fossil record ‘overwhelming evidence for evolution’?: No, it’s evidence for Creation!” – by “Creation Ministries International” (CMI).

“What’s for Dinner?” campaign kit: “a simple, fun, and powerful tool that will encourage and equip the families in your church to gather around the dinner table more often and connect with each other on a deep and meaningful level” – by Dema Kohen, founder of “We Are Kidmin”.

“D6: a family ministry movement connecting church and home” – offers resources with “D6 for the Church” and “D6 for the Home” as well as a conference, curriculum, podcasts, videos, “Splink” family conversation starters, “Elements Kids’ Worship” curriculum, “Access” small group Bible studies, and “D6 Plus”, a membership site with additional resources & training.

“Ministry Spark” – website with Kidmin articles and free resources; a ministry of “David C. Cook”.

“A Book of Jewish Fables”? – by Dave Miller, Ph.D. for “Apologetics Press” (AP).

“Hebrew professor affirms Genesis as real history”: Jonathan Sarfati chats with Dr Stephen Schrader” for “Creation Ministries International” (CMI).

“The Resurrection Credibly Confirms Christianity” – by Allen Atzbi, General Manager of Living Waters.

“Bioluminescence—the light of living things” – by Martin Tampier for
“Creation Ministries International” (CMI).

“Soft Tissue in Biggest Ever Cambrian Fossil Bonanza”: Chinese scientists are uncovering shale with the best-preserved Cambrian animals ever found” -by David F. Coppedge, founder of “Creation Evolution Headlines” (CEH).

“PBS Unmasks Darwinian Eugenics” – “Dr Jerry Bergman reviews the new PBS documentary on one of the evils of Darwinism,The Eugenics Crusade: Finally, One of the Evils of Darwinism Has Gone Mainstream”; for “Creation Evolution Headlines” (CEH).

Heaven Help the Home” – by master teacher, Howard Hendricks.

Big Truths for Young Hearts” – by professor, author, & theologian, Bruce A. Ware.

“Journey to Freedom” – historical novel by Gilbert Morris.

“California Family Council” – “Advancing God’s Design for Life, Family, & Liberty through California’s Church, Community, Capitol, & Culture”; “inform and educate Californians on public policy issues, provide media interviews and commentary on cultural and legislative issues, analyze legislation, etc.