Judeo-Christian history studies

“Christian History Made Easy” DVD small group Study – by“Hendrickson/Rose Publishing”;Dr. Timothy Jones offers an upbeat, Christ-centered overview”.

“Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts”engaging format to learn history for kids, teens, & adults on DVD (and now online streaming with curriculum subscription); Bible History, American History, and Ancient History; great family or preteen Bible study or resource.

“Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum: an American Classical Education” – FREE downloadable K-12 American history & civics curriculum from “Hillsdale College”; includes “initial history lessons on the American founding and the Civil War for Kindergarten-12th grade,
complete civics and government courses for middle and high school, Hillsdale College-vetted book, online course, & resource recommendations, student-ready primary sources, sample assignments, activities, and assessments, and an introduction that includes the principles of the curriculum, pedagogical guidance, and advice for adopting the curriculum”.

“Hillsdale College” free online courses – “The Constitution”, “The Presidency and the Constitution”, “Congress: How It Worked and Why It Doesn’t”, “The U.S. Supreme Court”, “The Federalist Papers”, “American Heritage”, “Western Heritage”, “Winston Churchill and Statesmanship”, “Theology 101”, “Intro to C.S. Lewis”, “Mark Twain”, “Jane Austen”, etc.; Hillsdale offers free monthly publication, “Imprimus” (online or print; I’ve been reading it for years – great articles).

“Little Patriots Learning” “The American Cornerstone Institute created the Little Patriots platform for parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers to have a free, online resource to use to teach children civics lessons, history, and American values at home, in the car, or after school”; offers curriculum for schools, homeschools, & families; also offers other books & schedules tour stops for interested schools, churches, & other organizations.

“Thinking Kids: Teach Your Kids the Bible and Christian History”- by Danika Cooley; offers articles, “Homeschool Collections” curriculum (including the 3-year “Bible Road Trip”), “Homeschool Tools”.

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