Outreach training

“Basic Creation Training Course” – from Mike Riddle, founder of “Creation Training Initiative”.

“Reasons for Hope” – 6-minute promo of “Mission 442, the deBUNKED bus, & Shifted” – description of their new outreach on the road of equipping believers to know what they believe and learn how to answer difficult questions so they can share their faith with others; watch “deBunked” videos.

“Kids’ EE” for preteens to learn how to share their faith; from “Evangelism Explosion”.

“MTA (Move to Assurance) Evangelism and Apologetics Training” – free online 30- minute video lessons.

“Pursue God: Empowering Conversations”“help people discover truth, one conversation at a time”.

“Tough Questions 5-Session DVD Study” from
“Living Waters” “an apologetics course that’s unintimidating, taught in the same casual, conversational way you’ll be sharing what you learn—over coffee with friends”.

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