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“A Devastating Report on Christian Education” – by Mike Riddle, founder of “Creation Training Inititative” (CTI); with excerpts from “You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving the Church… And Rethinking the Faithby David Kinnaman, President of “Barna Group”.

“Active Learning vs. Passive Learning: No Contest” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Relevant Children’s Ministry” and now “Building Children’s Ministry”.

Apologetics for Children: Be Ready – Always!” – by Mary Jo LeBlanc for “Creation Today”.

“Apologetics for Children: How can we help our children understand evidence for the Christian faith?” – by Mikel Del Rosario, founder of “Your Apologetics Guy”.

“Apologetics for Children: How can we help our children understand evidence for the Christian faith?” – by Mikel Del Rosario, founder of “Your Apologetics Guy”.

“Atheism Doubles Among Generation Z” – by “Barna Research Group” in 2018.

“Can Kids Have Fun and Learn at the Same Time” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Don’t Neglect the 4–14 Window of Children’s Ministry” – by Steve S. Chang for “The Gospel Coalition”.

“Engaging a Heart for mission to children” – by  Linda Mei Lin Koh in 2015.

“Evangelism Is Most Effective Among Kids”by “Barna Research Group” in 2004.

“How a Biblical Worldview Shapes the Way We Teach Our Children” – by Discipleland blog in 2018.

“How Do You Teach Difficult Bible Stories to Little Kids?” – by Megan Hill for “The Gospel Coalition” (TGC).

“How to Minister to Solo Parents and Their Kids: Your church can be the hands and feet of Jesus by coming alongside solo parents with support and encouragement” – by Jenny Funderburke Smith for “Ministry Spark”, valuable free content from “David C. Cook”.

“How to Really Minister to Kids Affected by Divorce: Divorce is not something kids ‘get over’, but your ministry can be a place of understanding, security, and safety when kids’ lives are in turmoil” – by Jenny Funderburke Smith for “Ministry Spark”, valuable free content from “David C. Cook”.

“Making the Bible Come Alive” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

NOW is the time to reach the next generation with the Gospel” – by Dale Hudson of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Point Parents Toward Biblical Success” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Tips for Teaching Kids From Mr. Rogers” – by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”.

“Why the Next Generation Doesn’t Know Christianity is True”by Dale Hudson, founder of “Building Children’s Ministry”.


“Summer Bible Quest” – by “Teach Sunday School”: “15 Bible Quests to Build Character & Faith”; kids choose from 2 adventures for each quest; those on their email list receive offers for many great deals on resources to teach the Bible.


“MudHenMama Books” “affirming biblical conviction with quality children’s books and other resources for homeschool groups, Christian schools, & families. These books will affirm your convictions to your children and teach them incredible, interesting, and fun stories they will remember.” Are you looking for a wholesome alternative to Scholastic books for PK-5th grade? Look no further!”; offers on-line book fairs, books by grade level, other merchandise, life posts, recipes, & more; founded by Michelle, mom of nine; “For people who want to be affirmed in their biblical convictions and establish those convictions with their children.”.



“Bible Games Central”“We believe that Games, when designed and executed purposefully, are an excellent tool for teaching Biblical truths”; offers free games for kids, youth, & adults; search by topic or by Bible passage; each game comes with Bible learning points, recommended scripture passages, & discussion questions.


“Helix Nebula”is known by some as the “Eye of God”; photo credit to NASA – shown on their “HubbleSite”.

Illuminated cross seen in black hole of “Whirlpool Galaxy”; photo credit to NASA – shown on their “HubbleSite”.

Laminin – the adhesion molecule that holds our cells together; 6 minute video clip from “How Great is Our God” DVD: “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17 – DVD by Louie Giglio, pastor, author, speaker, & founder of “Passion” (in 2017, 55,000 people between 18-25 years old attended in Atlanta – the largest Jesus–focused collegiate gathering in history); also founded the “Passion Global Institute”, that partners with “Dallas Theological Seminary”.


“Rose Guide to the Tabernacle” – illustrations, charts, diagrams, & clear plastic overlays – by Benjamin Galan for “Hendrickson Rose Publishing”.


“All Free Kids Crafts” – secular site with all things crafts; includes tutorial videos for kids, costumes, and much more.

“Christian Book Distributors: Everything Christian For Less” (CBD) – offers books, Bibles, DVDs, music, Bible studies, gifts, kids’ (books, Bibles, videos, toys, etc.), homeschooling curriculum, Christian Academics (apologetics, Bible reference, Christian history, theology, biblical languages, commentaries, etc.), & more; NOTE from site founder: many of the resources listed on this site are found at CBD.

Mad About Jesus Laboratories” offers exciting, fascinating, and memorable scientifically based object lessons to teach biblical truths to children”. 

“Christian Tools of Affirmation” (CTA) – great resource for volunteer appreciation, kids’ holiday gifts, & more.

“Cokesbury: Resources for the Christian Journey”. – “the retail and customer service arm of The United Methodist Publishing House” that also serves other denominations and independent churches; “offers more than 300,000 unique products including books, Bibles, curriculum, worship resources, and church supplies; also offers gifts, Bible studies, & more.

“Concordia Supply” – family owned and operated church supply house “providing ministry leaders with quality christian resources that transform lives for Christ”; offers banners, Bibles by the case, communion supplies, candlelight supplies, worship bulletins, Sunday School items, VBS supplies, & more.

“Pinterest” – membership access; secular site, but offers multitude of Christian ideas, crafts, and other resources.

“Hendrickson Rose Publishing” – helpful fold-out laminated pamphlets on many topics, posters, Bible studies, books, Bibles, & more.

“Lifeway: Biblical Solutions for Life” – offers a multitude of resources for churches, ministries, & individuals including Bibles, books, videos, Christian & Worship music, Bible studies, curriculum, VBS material, church supplies, gifts, camps & mission projects, events, & much more; also offers membership to churches for “Ministry Grid” ministry training.


“4 to 14 Window Movement” – “The 4/14 Window Movement is a Global Mission Movement focusing on Reaching, Rescuing, Rooting, and Releasing children and youth (0-18 years old) to reach their full transformational impact in their family, community, and nation”; Why 4 to 14?”, news, history, resources, & more.

“Child Evangelism Fellowship” (CEF) – “Bible-centered organization composed of born-again believers whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living”; offers “Good News Club” in public schools, “5-Day Club”, “CityKids*”, “Camp Good News“, “Military Children’s Ministry”, & “Youth Challenge”, & “Outreach Ministries” (events).

“Gateways to a Better Education” – resources and conferences for Christian teachers and students in public schools; offers articles, e-mail newsletter, “Free to Speak” resources, events, & online professional development; “The Gateways Minute” answers commonly asked questions .

“Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum: an American Classical Education” – FREE downloadable K-12 American history & civics curriculum from “Hillsdale College”; includes “initial history lessons on the American founding and the Civil War for Kindergarten-12th grade,
complete civics and government courses for middle and high school, Hillsdale College-vetted book, online course, & resource recommendations, student-ready primary sources, sample assignments, activities, and assessments, and an introduction that includes the principles of the curriculum, pedagogical guidance, and advice for adopting the curriculum”.

“See You at the Pole” is a “global day of student prayer” begun by 3 students in Texas and now millions of students take part; the event is student-initiated, student-organized, and student-led on the 4th Wednesday of each September; logo theme changes each year.

“Teach 4 the Heart” – site to provide “ideas and inspiration you need to overcome your teaching challenges & make a lasting difference in your students’ hearts and lives”.

Teachers Who Pray” (TWP) – “network of educators that equips and supports teachers to ground their work in faith, prayer, and spiritual practices because education is more than an intellectual pursuit, it requires a holistic approach that improves the non-cognitive conditions that drive teacher performance and student success”; offers articles, videos, legal rights, curriculum, & how to start a chapter.

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