“Connect with Jim Season 3: Why do we need a preteen ministry?” – by Jim Keats (could not find bio) for We Are Sparkhouse.

“Caught In-Between: Developing a Preteen Ministry” – by Jeff Land of Lifeway.

“Facing the Sixth-Grader Challenge” from

“How to Nurture Preteens’ Faith Development” by

“Mutiny! The Preteens Are Running Kids Church!”by Sean Sweet of

“Preteen Ministry: Reaching Kids in Transition” – by Curt Knowles for Sixth Graders and Youth Ministry.

“Sixth Graders and Youth Ministry” – by LifeWay Kids Ministry

“Understanding Preteens” – by; also offer curriculum (beware of annoying pop-up while navigating site).

“Understanding Preteens + Tips for Creating an Effective Preteen Ministry” – by

“What Should a Preteen Ministry Look Like?” – by Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

“Why 6th Graders Shouldn’t Be in Junior High Ministry: 6th graders belong in preteen ministry, not junior high/middle school ministry” – by

Why should churches and parents be intentional about ministering to preteens? blog by site founder, Connie Rice.

“Why Your Church Needs a Preteen Ministry” – by Rev. Jim Kast-Keat for

CURRICULUM designed for Preteens:

“Free preteen Ministry Curriculum” – from

“Deeply Rooted” – from FourFiveSix.

EVENTS for preteens:

“SuperStart” – huge traveling event designed for preteens by Christ in Youth (CIY).

TRAINING for Preteen Leaders:

“6th Grade Champions” short podcast by FourFiveSix.”

“Develop a Vibrant, Exciting Preteen Ministry” – by Shay Caldwell from Equip Conference of Lifeway.

WEBSITES for preteen leaders:

“FourFiveSix: Raising the Value of Your Ministry to Preteens”

“Lifeway” “Develop a Vibrant, Exciting Preteen Ministry”

Preteen leader resources

Resources for preteens

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