Judeo-Christian history videos

“God’s Story” – trailer for 80 minute chronological movie with narration by actor, Dean Jones, and paintings by Norm McGary, classic artist for Disney, Golden Book, Looney Tunes, & Bible stories. “God, the Creator and Giver of Life – Does He speak?  Does He care about us? Can WE know Him?”; can view movie and/or read text on “God’s Story” page at “Christian Answers”.


“Acts: a Dramatic Presentation of the Birth of Christianity”“the only dramatization using the actual Scriptures… word for word from the ‘New International Version'” (NIV) – by “The Visual Bible” and “Thomas Nelson Bibles”.

“Animated Bible Classics” – trailer for “Elijah” – one of 12 quality animated 30-minute Bible stories from both the Old Testament and New Testament; nice coloring book for each DVD; can also buy whole O.T. series and/or whole N.T. series; by “NEST Entertainment”.

“Jesus the Christ” – “the movie version of the Visual bible’s ‘Matthew'” using the “New International Version”; by “The Visual Bible” and “Thomas Nelson Bibles”.

St. John in Exile” DVD with Dean Jones (see his testimony on Outreach videos page) – “the life changing testimony of the last of Jesus’ twelve…”

“The God Who Speaks”trailer for 90 minute 2018 documentary that “traces the evidence of the Bible’s authority” with multiple Bible scholars, pastors, authors, & apologists; learn more; endorsements; site license; produced by “American Family Studios”, division of“American Family Association”(AFA).

‘The Gospel of John” “word for word based on the ‘Good News Bible’ translation of the ‘American Bible Society'”.


“Animated Hero Classics” – trailer & image for “Beethoven”, one of twenty 30-minute quality animated DVDs about heroes in history (without gleaning out the role their faith played); other titles: George Washington, Thomas Edison, Pocahontas, Joan of Arc, Christopher Columbus, the Wright Brothers, William Bradford, the Maccabees, Louis Pasteur, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, Galileo, Marco Polo, Helen Keller, Florence Nightingale, Madame Curie, & Leonardo de Vinci; nice coloring book for each DVD; also available as a complete set; by “NEST Entertainment”.

“Christian History Made Easy” small group kit w/DVDs (individual book also available)- from “Hendrickson Rose Publishing” – by Timothy Paul Jones, former pastor, speaker, author, current professor of “Southern Baptist Theological Seminary”.

“Darwinism: The Doorway to Atheism” article discussed in 30-minute interview between former professor, researcher, & author, Dr. Jerry Bergman, and David Rives, founder of “David Rives Ministries” for “Wonders Without Number episode; article was written for “Creation Evolution Headlines” (CEH).

“The Forbidden Book: The History of the English Bible” – 1 hour documentary by New Liberty Videos; stories of John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, and William Tyndale; movie included with Amazon Prime.


“Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith” – image from Harriet Tubman, one of fifteen 30-minute animated stories of inspirational Christians throughout history; other titles include:  Martin Luther, Amy Carmichael, John Wesley, John Bunyan, Augustine, Corrie Ten Boom, Perpetua, William Booth, Richard Wurmbrand, Samuel Morris, Jim Elliott, Eric Liddell, William Tyndale,  & Gladys Aylward; also available as complete set; by “Christian History Institute” & “Voice of the Martyrs”.


“America’s Godly Heritage”American history documentary DVD – by David Barton, founder of “Wallbuilders”.

“Faith of Our Fathers” – American history documentary DVD by “Bridgestone Multimedia Group”.

“Search for Noah’s Ark” DVD with author, explorer, & former FBI Investigator, Bob Cornuke, President of “Base Institute”.

“The Federalist Papers” DVD set from “Hillsdale College” (also offer free online course on the same subject).

“The Holy Land Revealed” – 36 lectures on places, archaeology, & people of the Holy Land by Professor Jodi Magness, Ph.D. for “The Great Courses”.

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