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“5 Evidences the Bible is True” by “Bring Your Bible”.

“Choosing a Bible version” – by Bible Study Tools”.

“How Did We Get the Bible?” – by Robert Velarde“Focus on the Family”.

“The How and Why of Bible Translation” – by “Wycliffe”.

“What is a Study Bible?” – by “Got Questions”.

BIBLE STUDY TOOLS (ones used & recommended by founder of this site):

Bible Answer Books:

“Answers Book for Kids” Volumes 1-8 (each with different questions) from“Answers in Genesis” (AIG); also under Creation books

“Answers Book for Teens” Volume 1 of 2 (each has different questions) from“Answers in Genesis”(AIG;) also under Creation books.

“The New Answers Book” Volumes 1-4 (each has different questions) from “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); also listed under Creation books.

Bible Dictionaries – online listing of various Bible dictionaries.

“Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary, New and Enhanced Edition” – by Ronald F. Youngblood, F.F. Bruce, & R.K. Harrison, eds. for “Thomas Nelson”.

Bible Handbooks (illustrated ones are especially helpful):

“Big Bible Guide: Kids’ Bible Dictionary & Handbook” – by Jean Fischer and Tracy M. Sumner (bio not found).

“The Bible at a Glance” (only pdf format shown) – by “Hendrickson Rose Publishing“.

What the Bible Is All About Visual Edition” – by Henrietta C. Mears, amazing Bible teacher & founder of “Gospel Light” kids’ curriculum (now part of “David C. Cook”).

“What the Bible Is All About Bible Handbook for Kids” edited from Mears’ book by Frances Blankenbaker (could not locate bio link).

Bible Thesaurus:

Bible Charts, Maps, & Timelines:

“Rose Guide to the Tabernacle”illustrations, charts, diagrams, & clear plastic overlays – by Benjamin Galan for “Hendrickson Rose Publishing”.

Commentaries (video commentaries listed on Bible commentary videos page; commentaries also found in study Bibles):

“Thru the Bible” commentary – by J. Vernon McGee; audio teaching goes through the Bible in 5 years.

Concordance (also found in back of study Bibles)

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