Marriage resources


“5 Ways to Spiritually Prepare for Marriage” – by “Christian Faith Matrimony”

“6 Tips For Christians Preparing For Marriage: Keep God at the center” – by Lesli White for “Belief Net”.

“A Marriage Made in Hell: How Satan Counsels Christian Couples” – by Greg Morse, staff writer for “Desiring God”.

“Are My Expectations Realistic?” by Alistair Begg, founder of “Truth for Life”, for “Focus on the Family”.

“Crushing society’s building block: Respect for Marriage Act” is the next step in a long campaign to redefine marriage” – by Emma Waters of the “Heritage Foundation” for “World”

“How can I prepare myself for marriage?” – by “Got Questions”.

“Marriage and the Nature of God” – by Tom Ackerman for “Christian Examiner”.

“Marriage – Why It Matters” – by “Focus on the Family” Issue Analysts.

“Nine Words for Every Marriage” – by Josh Squires for “Desiring God”.

“Questions to Ask When Preparing for Marriage” – by John Piper, founder of “Desiring God”.

“What Did Jesus Say About Marriage?” – by Jeff Johnston, Issues Analyst for
“Focus on the Family”.

“Why Children Need Both a Mom and a Dad” – by “Focus on the Family”.



“Grace-filled Marriage” – 8 half hour DVD session small group study by Tim Kimmel, founder of “Family Matters”.

“Visionary Marriage” – 5 DVD session small group study by Rob & Any Rienow of “Visionary Family Ministries”; “to equip married and engaged couples with a compelling Christian mission for their life together”.


“A Weekend to Remember”; by“Family Life”, a ministry of “CRU” (formerly “Campus Crusade for Christ”).


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