Creation quotes

“There are two books laid before us to study, to prevent our falling into error: first, the volume of the Scriptures, which reveal the will of God; then the volume of the Creatures, which express His power.”

Francis Bacon (1561-1626), Founder of Scientific Method

“Without my Saviour I am nothing.and “The Lord has guided me. He has shown me the way, just as He will show everyone who turns to Him.”

George Washington Carver (1864-1943), Agricultural Chemistry

“I am a young earth creation scientist and believe that God created the world in six 24-hour days, just as recorded in the book of Genesis. By God’s grace and the devoted prayers of my godly mother-in-law, I invented the MRI scanner in 1969. The idea that scientists who believe the earth is 6,000 years old cannot do real science is simply wrong.”

Dr. Raymond Damadian (1936-present), Inventor of MRI

“I am not an atheist. But what really makes me angry is that they quote me for the support of such views…..Fanatical atheists deny the creator.”

Albert Einstein (1879-1955), Theoretical Physics

Martin Luther

“Equally useless is it to consider Moses in the beginning of his history as speaking mystically or allegorically. For as he is not instructing us concerning allegorical creatures and an allegorical world, but concerning essential creatures and a world visible and apprehensive by the senses, he calls, as we say in our trite proverb, ‘a post, a post;’ that is, when he says morning or day or evening, his meaning is the same as ours when we use those terms, without any allegory whatever. Thus the Evangelist Matthew, in his last chapter, uses the same manner of expression when he says that Christ arose on the evening of the Sabbath; that is, at that time of one of the Sabbath days which was formed by the evening light. But if we cannot fully comprehend the days here mentioned nor understand why God chose to use these intervals of time, let us rather confess our ignorance in the matter than wrest the words of Moses from the circumstances which he is recording to a meaning, which has nothing to do with those circumstances.With respect therefore to this opinion of Augustine, we conclude that Moses spoke literally and plainly and neither allegorically nor figuratively; that is, he means that the world with all creatures was created in six days as he himself expresses it. If we cannot attain unto a comprehension of the reason why it was so, let us still remain scholars and leave all the preceptorship to the Holy Spirit!”

Martin Luther (1483-1546)

“There is abundant evidence that the Bible, though written by men, is not the product of the human mind. By countless multitudes it has always been revered as a communication to us from the Creator of the universe.”

Sir Ambrose Fleming (1849-1945) , Electronics Pioneer

“Atheism is inconsistent with the scientific method. Atheism is a belief in non-belief. So you categorically deny something you have no evidence against.”

Marcelo Gleiser (1959 – present), Dartmouth physics and astronomy professor & recent winner of the Templeton Prize

“God has created man in His own intellectual image, and graciously permitted him to study His modes of operation, and rewards his industry in this line by giving him powers and instruments which affect in the highest degree his material welfare.”

Joseph Henry (1797 – 1878), Founder of:
The Smithsonian Museum
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Princeton University science department
National Academy of Sciences

 “Almighty God, who has created man in Thine own image, and made him a living soul that he might seek after Thee, and have dominion over Thy creatures, teach us to study the works of Thy hands, that we may subdue the earth to our use, and strengthen the reason for Thy service; so to receive Thy blessed Word, that we may believe on Him whom Thou has sent, to give us the knowledge of salvation and the remission of sins. All of which we ask in the name of the same Jesus Christ, our Lord.”

James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879), Mathematical Physics and Physician

 “The Bible is true and science is true, and therefore each, if truly read, but proves the truth of the other.”

Matthew Maury (1806-1873), Oceanography

“‘It is His work’, he reminded them; ‘and He alone carried me thus far through all my trials and enabled me to triumph over the obstacles, physical and moral, which opposed me.  Not unto us, not unto us, by to Thy name, O Lord, be all the praise’.”

 “The nearer I approach to the end of my pilgrimage… the grandeur and sublimity of God’s remedy for fallen man are more appreciated.”

Samuel Morse (1791-1872), Inventor of Telegraph and Painter

“Atheism is so senseless. When I look at the solar system, I see the earth at the right distance from the sun to receive the proper amounts of heat and light. This did not happen by chance.”

Isaac Newton (1643-1727), Physics, Mathematics, & Theology

 “The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator.”

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), Medicine & Bacteriology.

“Both religion and science need for their activities the belief in God, and moreover God stands for the former in the beginning, and for the latter at the end of the whole thinking. For the former, God represents the basis, for the latter – the crown of any reasoning concerning the world-view.”

Max Planck (1858-1947), Quantum Physics Pioneer

“Imagine if you applied this logic [answering skeptics who expect God to prove Himself based on scientific inquiry of answered prayers] to earthly parents: do a study to see if they tend more often than not to give you what you ask, when you ask for it, and if they don’t, you conclude you have no parents!”

Paul Price, from article, “A Detective’s Approach: Looking for evidence of God”, for “Creation Ministries International” (CMI)

“Finite man cannot begin to comprehend an omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, and infinite God … I find it best to accept God through faith, as an intelligent will, perfect in goodness and wisdom, revealing Himself through His creation.”

Werner Von Braun (1912-1977), Rocket Science
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