Spiritual growth

“What is a Disciple?” – 3 minute sample video teaching from Bobby Conway, the “One Minute Apologist”, author, & pastor; offers short video teachings on the Christian faith (over 900 to date).

“What is a Disciple?” – 2 minute video clip by Pastor Greg Laurie of “Harvest Christian Fellowship”.

“How Not to Make Disciples” – 2 minute video teaching of Francis Chan from “Verge Network” conference.

“How Not to Make Disciples” – 2 minute video teaching from Francis Chan, former founding pastor of “Cornerstone Community Church”, author, speaker, & founder of both “Eternity Bible College” and “Crazy Love Ministries”; taken from “Verge Network” conference.


“3 Serious Obstacles to Personal Revival” – by Nolan Harkness for “The Christian Post”.

“Church Attendance and the Survival of the Republic” by – Dave Miller, Ph.D. for Apologetics Press” (AP).

“Disciple or Just a Christian?” – 10 minute teaching from Allen Parr, engineer turned preacher, speaker, and founder of “The BEAT”, video teachings on the Christian faith; also offers online Bible study course.

“God is light!: Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty” (Revelation 4:8) – by Russell Grigg for “Creation Ministries International” (CMI).

“How Should the Bible Impact Our Thinking and Actions?” – in “Find Answers” by Durwood Snead for “Biblica”.

“Is Jesus Worth It? How to keep your faith in an uncertain world – by Sean McDowell for “Cru”.

“How was Jesus Like a Worm? What’s the Crimson (or Scarlet) Worm? A Remez In Psalm 22?” – fascinating article by Shari Abbott from “Got Questions” page for “Reasons for Hope* Jesus”.

John PiperJohn Piper bio; founder of “Desiring God” website; author/pastor, and chancellor of “Bethlehem College & Seminary”.

“Let Kevin DeYoung Reintroduce You to the 10 Commandments” by Rachel Gilson for “The Gospel Coalition” (TGC).

“So. Baptist pastor warns about ‘comfortable’ faith that will bring death to churches” – by Stoyan Zaimov, reporter for the “Christian Post”.

“Test every teaching and doctrine by the Word” – by Nolan Harkness for “The Christian Post”.

“The Worst Consequence of Skipping Church” by Tim Challies.

“The World, the Flesh, and the Devil” – by Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. for “Institute for Creation Research” (ICR) “Days of Praise”

“What Does it Mean to Keep or Guard Your Heart?” – by Shari Abbott for “Reasons for Hope* Jesus”; from “Got Questions” page.

“When Does Bible Neglect Become Sinful?” – by John Piper, founder of “Desiring God”.

“Who Do You Say that I am?” – by Kevin de Young.

“Why Our Spiritual Gifts Might Not Be All That Spiritual: Spiritual gifts have little to do with innate personal strengths and far more to do with a yielded weakness” – by Jeff Christopherson, for “The Exchange with Ed Stetzer”.

BOOKS: This alphabetical list is made up of only books that I have actually read and would recommend.  Many other books are still waiting to be read, and if recommended – will also be added to this site. Some are listed on other pages as well.

“A Room with a View of Eternity” – by Shari Abbott and Alex McFarland of “Reasons for Hope* Jesus”; “shares insights into Jesus’ Upper Room Discourse, spoken to His 11 faithful apostles on the night in which He was betrayed”.

“Abundant Living” (personal favorite)- by E. Stanley Jones.

C.S. Lewis books do not disappoint; those that I have read and would recommend:  “A Grief Observed”, “Mere Christianity”, “Miracles”, “The Abolition of Man: How Education Develops Man’s Sense of Morality”The Great Divorce”, “The Joyful Christian”, “The Problem of Pain”, & especially “The Screwtape Letters”.

“Days with Jesus” – “What would life look like if you spent your days with Jesus?” – by Jim Jackson, pastor of “Orchard Community Church”; offers accompanying video teaching direct from Israel that brings the Bible to life; sample video clip can be seen on the Bible commentary videos page.

“Fools Talk:  Recovering the Art of Christian Persuasion” by author and social critic, Os Guinness, “a quiet voice on behalf of faith, freedom, truth, reason and civility”.

“Live for the Line” from “Eternal Perspective Ministries” (EPM)

“Live for the Line” – 1.5 min video based on Matthew 6:19; from Randy Alcorn’s “Eternal Perspective Ministries” (EPM).

“Heaven” – book and 90 second video clip above by Randy Alcorn, former pastor, former professor, theologian, author, and founder of “Eternal Perspective Ministries” (EPM).

trailer for “Intertwined” book

“Living God’s Word: Discovering Our Place in the Great Story of Scripture” – by J. Scott Duvall, pastor/author and J. Daniel Hays, former missionary, and both professors for “Ouachita Baptist University”; both also wrote a book on systematic theology (listed on theology books page).

“Prayer 101” – by pastor, author, & radio Bible teacher, Warren Wiersbe, of “Back to the Bible”.

“Secrets of the Vine: Breaking Through to Abundance”by Bruce Wilkinson with David Kopp; living among vineyards & winemakers really brought this to life.

“Taking a Stand” – by Howard G. Hendricks; (only available used).

“The New Foxe’s Book of Martyrs” – by John Foxe; updated classic includes more recent accounts of those martyred for their faith through 2001.

“The Power of Crying Out – When Prayer Becomes Mighty” – by Bill Gothard (I had experienced the power of crying out to God during overwhelming circumstances before reading this book, so have recommended the book to others who were going through difficult trials).


“Greatest Journey” Bible app for kids – by “Samaritan’s Purse” “Operation Christmas Child”; a fun, exciting way for kids to explore the Bible and learn how to follow Jesus!; available on Apple and Google Play.

“Prayers for Girls Devotional App” for teen girls from Lori, founder of “Prayers for Girls”.

“Read Scripture” – cell phone Bible app (can also participate by email) by “The Bible Project”; trailer by Francis Chan, founder of “Crazy Love” ministries.

“The Bible App for Kids” – cell phone Bible app – from “YouVersion” & “One Hope”.

“YouVersion” – cell phone Bible app.


“Walk Thru the Bible”“Igniting Passion for God’s Word” with live events, resources (books, DVDs, devotionals, Bible studies, etc.), “Living God’s Word” newsletter, and more.


“Alexandrian Forum: Discover Jesus in a way that changes how you see everything” – “Spiritual revival comes from reading the Word of God”; offers online free audio Bible classes (Alexandrian Academy), “How to Study the Bible”, “Finding Jesus in the Old Testament”, “Finding Jesus in the New Testament”, devotionals, e-mail newsletter, “Literary Bible Study” pdf download, & more; founded by professor & attorney, Dr. Warren Gage.

“All About Following Jesus”“Following Jesus is a day-by-day journey, which includes relying on Him to lead the way”; offers articles and videos to “discover helpful guidance from God’s Word and practical instruction for following Jesus every day of your life. Jesus said, ‘If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me’.” (Mark 8:34); offers apologetics, archaeology, Bible study, devotionals, & much more – all for free.

“Apply God’s Word” – video clips that “tackle real-life issues and apply a biblical perspective”.

“Back to the Bible” – Bible study, broadcasts, apps, research, etc.

“Bible Gateway” – Bible verse of day, Bible study helps, apps, etc.

“Bible Munch” “One Chapter a Day, One Devotional a Day, One video a week”; has YouTube channel.

“Bible Study Fellowship” (BSF) – “global, in-depth Bible classes producing passionate commitment to Christ, His Word and His Church. Our vision is to magnify God and mature His people as they cultivate a deeper relationship with Him; offers thousands of small groups all over the world for men, women, teens, children, & preschoolers; various book studies, blog, Holy Land tours, Facebook page, Find a group, & more.

“Bible Study Tools” – Bible verse of day, look up Bible passages, Bible study helps, video clip commentaries, apps, etc.

“Crosswalk”Daily devotionals, Bible study helps, look up Bible passages, commentaries, articles, family support, etc.

“Crossway” – Bible study helps, look up Bible passages, commentaries, articles, tracts, etc.

“Desiring God” – founded by pastor author, & speaker, John Piper; offers articles, books, sermons, podcasts where questions are answered, and a daily devotional.

“In Touch” – website of Dr. Charles Stanley with devotionals, radio & TV shows, articles, etc.

“Pursue God” – many resources for discipleship, marriage, sharing faith, etc.

“The Bible Project” – very helpful free downloadable videos with active animated drawings & narrated commentary for every book of the Bible and for major themes of the Bible; can read through the whole Bible in one year and watch related video teachings as you read, download the “Read Scripture” reading plan.

“Thru the Bible” – website of Dr. J. Vernon McGee; 5-year program radio show commentaries of the whole Bible; offers world prayer resources.

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