Creation videos


“Answers in Genesis” (AIG) – Creation video clips from their website; also kids’ page includes video clips and activities; has a YouTube channel.

“Wonders of Creation: Defined Design” – 6-min video showing the “remarkable design we see, even down to the smallest creatures on Earth, all of which point to a Grand Designer”; from “Apologetics Press”.

“Wonders of Creation: Godwit– 5-min video about an amazing bird that’s abilities surpass anything that man could create; from “Apologetics Press”.

“The Double Life of the Hummingbird” 1-minute video from “Creation Moments”;
more video clips on their YouTube channel; offers free email subscription & free bulletin inserts (can also use as half page handouts).

“The Lizard that Sneezes” – sample 2 minute video from “Creation Moments”; more video clips on their YouTube channel; also offer free email subscription & free bulletin inserts (can also be used as half page handouts).

“David Rives Ministry”“Polystrate Trees at Mount St. Helens?” – 2.5-minute sample video from Creation video clips.

“David Rives Ministry”“Volcanoes, the Ice Age, & the Flood” – 4-minute sample video from Creation video clips.

“David Rives Ministries” “Wonder of the Ear” 2 minute sample from Creation video clips

“David Rives Ministries” – amazing site offers articles, “Creation Science Minute” radio spots, short Creation video clips, 30-minute interviews on “Creation in the 21st Century”; also offers s, 2- minute Creation videos online, “Genesis Science Network” TV channel, DVDs available at “Creation Superstore” resource center, free “Creation Club” magazine & member site; can sign up for “Creation Weekly” e-mails; also have YouTube channel, and the “Wonders of Creation” Museum in Tennessee.

“David Rives Ministries” – 95-second video, “Grand Canyon: Great Unconformity”; “Does the observable evidence at Grand Canyon indicate over a billion years of strata deposition?”

“Institute for Creation Research” (ICR) – Creation online video clips as well as 1 minute “That’s a Fact”, short high-quality video clips on various topics; has a YouTube channel.

“NW Creation Network” – offers free hour long videos from various conference speakers; has a YouTube channel.

“DNA Is Code: Who Coded It?” – sample 6-minute video from “Science Up_Rising”.

“Science Up_Rising” – 6-8 minute video clips that confront “the false views of science held by the growing number of science popularizers like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye”; from “Center for for Science and Culture’, the institutional hub of “Discovery Institute”.

DVDs (list not exhaustive – most are ones I own & would recommend:

Alien Intrusion”trailer for DVD based on book of same name – by Gary Bates of “Creation Ministries International” (CMI); “compelling new documentary takes a deeper look at the events, the beliefs, the experts and the people who have shaped our views in the ‘otherworldly’.”


“Assumptions and the Age of the Earth”trailer for set of 4 DVDs by David Rives and nuclear engineer, Dr. Mike Houts, of “Apologetics Press”; from “David Rives Ministry” through “Creation Superstore”; DVDs also available individually.

“Evolution: Not a Chance” DVD with Dr. David Menton – by “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); scroll down page for trailer.

“Evolution’s Achilles Heels” trailer for DVD on the Cambrian Explosion – by “Creation Ministries International” (CMI).

“Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” with Ben Steintrailer for DVD; shows how intolerant universities are toward those who question Darwinism.

trailer for “Animals of Alaska” Volume 1 DVD

ILLUSTRA MEDIA DVDs – I own them all and highly recommend them:

“Illustra Media” 5.5 minute trailer for high-quality documentary DVDs showing the amazing design of God’s Creation.  Below are trailers for each DVD:

“Darwin’s Dilemma” trailerfor DVD; the mystery of the Cambrian fossil record; by “Illustra Media”.

“Flight: The Genius of Birds” trailer for DVD with amazing footage of birds; by “Illustra Media”.

“Living Waters” trailer for DVD; amazing design of life in the oceans on earth; by “Illustra Media”.

“Metamorphosis”trailer for beautiful footage of butterflies: beauty, design, & amazing migration; by “Illustra Media”.

“Origin: Unlocking the Mystery of Life” trailer for DVD; “challenges the paradigm of scientific materialism and the belief that life is nothing more than the product of blind, undirected processes”; by “Illustra Media”.

“The Call of the Cosmos: what the Universe Reveals About God” trailer for DVD; “an unforgettable exploration of the universe…”; by “Illustra Media”.


“The Case for a Creator” trailer for DVD with former atheist journalist, Lee Strobel, investigates scientific and historical evidence of God’s Creation; by “Illustra Media”.

“Unlocking the Mysteries of Life”trailer for very powerful DVD; shows how simplest life form functions like an engineered machine; by “Illustra Media”.

“Where Does the Evidence Lead?”trailer for 6-part short educational segments for church, study, or home; by “Illustra Media”.

DVDs by ALPHA, cont.:

“Life: How Utterly Amazing is Life?”– of “Creation Museum Collection” – by “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); scroll down their page for sample video clip.

“Mitochondrial Eve and the ‘3 Daughters’ of Noah” with Dr. Rob Carter of “Creation Ministries International” (CMI);“Human genetic data fits the Bible better than evolution”.

“Paleontological Paradox: Dinosaur Soft Tissue” “DNA, red blood cells, and collagen in dinosaur bones? How is this possible? What are the implications?”; David Rives’ 30-min interview with Dr. Kevin Anderson of the “Creation Research Society”; DVD part of “Wonders Without Number” series from David Rives Ministries”.

“Refracted Glory” award-winning 90-min DVD documentary on the amazing design of the hummingbird – narrated by David Rives, founder of “David Rives Ministries” and including input from various scientists, engineers, etc.; 5-week Bible study based on film available; shortened 60-min version available for screening; see trailer and more details on “Refracted Glory” website.

“Science Confirms The Bible: Ken Ham Speaks to Teens” with Ken Ham, founder of “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); scroll down their page for sample video clip.

trailer for “Symbiosis on the Reef”

Symbiosis On The Reef” – DVD by David Rives & Dr. Jobe Martin; from series, “Wonders Without Number”.

“Teaching Origins Objectively: Exposing the Evolution Controversy in Public Schools” – 2-hour DVD documentary using highlights from testimony of scientists on “scientific validity surrounding the Evolution controversy” (during 2005 Kansas State Board of Education court case); by “New Liberty Videos”; also have a 5-hour DVD.

“The Crimson Worm: A Pattern of God’s Plan of Redemption DVD – amazing creature lines up with the Resurrection and Jesus’ teaching; trailer from David Rives’ interview with Dr. Jobe Martin (DVD from David’s “Wonders Without Number” video series); Jobe Martin also in “Creation Proclaims” & Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution” and founded “Biblical Discipleship”; David Rives is founder of “David Rives Ministry”(who also has a YouTube channel) ; creature referenced in David’s book, “Wonders Without Number”.

“The Heavens Declare” 13 episode DVD series trailer – by “Awesome Science Media”; “leading creation science astronomers, physicists, and cosmologists are interviewed to share evidence for a young universe as described in the Bible”.

“The Riot and the Dance: Earth” DVD trailer – join Dr. Gordon Wilson as he traverses our planet, basking in God’s masterpiece creatures”; DVD & curriculum available from “Answers in Genesis” (AIG).

“Three Ways to Make an Ape Man” DVD with Dr. David Menton – by “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); scroll down their page for trailer.

“Wonders of God’s Creation” – DVD set by “Questar Entertainment”; beautiful cinematography; set includes “The Milky Way & Our Solar System”, “Planet Earth”, “Thundering Earth & Roaring Waters”, “Whirling Winds”, “Animal Kingdom”, and “Human Life”.

“Wonders Without Number” DVD series addressing numerous topics; sample image & trailer of “Evolution: Feasible or Fairy Tale” with Jay Seegert, founder of “The Starting Point Project”; all DVDs in series are by David Rives, founder of “David Rives Ministries that includes so many amazing resources.

DVDs for KIDS:

“Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures” – trailer for one of engaging half hour adventure videos by Buddy Davis; from “Answers in Genesis”; from “Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures; also available in 5-DVD combo.

“Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution I, II, & III” by former evolutionist, Dr. Jobe Martin, of “Biblical Discipleship Ministries”; for families, leaders, or teachers; can be purchased individually or from “Exploration Films” as a set; also have related creature cards.

“Creation Proclaims” series – trailerI (Climbers & Creepers), II, (Flight and Spike), III (Silent Hunters), & IV (Amazon and Beyond)” with Dr. Jobe Martin
of “Biblical Discipleship Ministries” & Dan Breeder of “Creatures of Creation”; also have trading cards; can be purchased as a set from “Creation Today”.

“Patterns of Evidence for Young Explorers” DVD episodes study trailer with evidence for biblical account of Exodus (also have “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” DVD Bible study for kids & teens).

“Science Confirms the Bible – Answers in Genesis” – 37-minute YouTube video by Ken Ham of “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); includes 6 other great video clips.

”Ten of the Top Scientific Facts in the Bible” – 30-minute online video with Ray Comfort, evangelist, author, filmmaker, and founder of “Living Waters”.

“The Wild Brothers” Adventure 7 image & trailer – have 8 adventures, half hour each; quality, fun adventures of 4 brothers on mission with their parents in Papua (jungle near Indonesia); from “Answers in Genesis”; the Wilds have a video blog and offer music and gift items, and a free email newsletter. I met them at a conference held at the “Creation Museum” & purchased the whole series.

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