Creation videos


“Answers in Genesis” (AIG) – Creation video clips from their website; also kids’ page includes video clips and activities; has a YouTube channel.

“The Fossil Record Supports Biblical Creation” – 12-min video with Dr. Jeff Miller from “Apologetics Press” on how the fossils are much better explained by the Bible than by the evolutionary theory (using quotes from evolutionists).

“Wonders of Creation: Defined Design” – 6-min video showing the “remarkable design we see, even down to the smallest creatures on Earth, all of which point to a Grand Designer”; from “Apologetics Press”.

“Wonders of Creation: Godwit– 5-min video about an amazing bird that’s abilities surpass anything that man could create; from “Apologetics Press”.

“Creation Fellowship Santee” YouTube page – offer Creation 1- hour webinars on Thursdays with a variety of great guest speakers: Creation ministries, apologists, etc.

“The Double Life of the Hummingbird” 1-minute video from “Creation Moments”;
more video clips on their YouTube channel; offers free email subscription & free bulletin inserts (can also use as half page handouts).

“The Lizard that Sneezes” – sample 2 minute video from “Creation Moments”; more video clips on their YouTube channel; also offer free email subscription & free bulletin inserts (can also be used as half page handouts).

“David Rives Ministry”“Polystrate Trees at Mount St. Helens?” – 2.5-minute sample video from Creation video clips.

“David Rives Ministry”“Volcanoes, the Ice Age, & the Flood” – 4-minute sample video from Creation video clips.

“David Rives Ministries” “Wonder of the Ear” 2 minute sample from Creation video clips

“David Rives Ministries” – amazing site offers articles, “Creation Science Minute” radio spots, short Creation video clips, 30-minute interviews on “Creation in the 21st Century”; also offers s, 2- minute Creation videos online, “Genesis Science Network” TV channel, DVDs available at “Creation Superstore” resource center, free “Creation Club” magazine & member site; can sign up for “Creation Weekly” e-mails; also have YouTube channel, and the “Wonders of Creation” Museum in Tennessee.

“David Rives Ministries” – 95-second video, “Grand Canyon: Great Unconformity”; “Does the observable evidence at Grand Canyon indicate over a billion years of strata deposition?”

“Why Don’t We Find Humans Buried with Dinosaurs?” – 40-min video from “Genesis Apologetics” that has gone viral; also offers expansive video content on their YouTube channel.

“Institute for Creation Research” (ICR) – Creation online video clips as well as 1 minute “That’s a Fact”, short high-quality video clips on various topics; has a YouTube channel.

“NW Creation Network” – offers free hour long videos from various conference speakers; has a YouTube channel.

“DNA Is Code: Who Coded It?” – sample 6-minute video from “Science Up_Rising”.

“Science Up_Rising” – 6-8 minute video clips that confront “the false views of science held by the growing number of science popularizers like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye”; from “Center for for Science and Culture’, the institutional hub of “Discovery Institute”.

DVDs (list not exhaustive – most are ones I own & would recommend:

Alien Intrusion”trailer for DVD based on book of same name – by Gary Bates of “Creation Ministries International” (CMI); “compelling new documentary takes a deeper look at the events, the beliefs, the experts and the people who have shaped our views in the ‘otherworldly’.”


“Assumptions and the Age of the Earth”trailer for set of 4 DVDs by David Rives and nuclear engineer, Dr. Mike Houts, of “Apologetics Press”; from “David Rives Ministry” through “Creation Superstore”; DVDs also available individually.

“Evolution: Not a Chance” DVD with Dr. David Menton – by “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); scroll down page for trailer.

“Evolution’s Achilles Heels” trailer for DVD on the Cambrian Explosion – by “Creation Ministries International” (CMI).

“Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” with Ben Steintrailer for DVD; shows how intolerant universities are toward those who question Darwinism.

trailer for “Animals of Alaska” Volume 1 DVD

ILLUSTRA MEDIA DVDs – I own them all and highly recommend them:

“Illustra Media” 5.5 minute trailer for high-quality documentary DVDs showing the amazing design of God’s Creation.  Below are trailers for each DVD:

“Darwin’s Dilemma” trailerfor DVD; the mystery of the Cambrian fossil record; by “Illustra Media”.

“Flight: The Genius of Birds” trailer for DVD with amazing footage of birds; by “Illustra Media”.

“Living Waters” trailer for DVD; amazing design of life in the oceans on earth; by “Illustra Media”.

“Metamorphosis”trailer for beautiful footage of butterflies: beauty, design, & amazing migration; by “Illustra Media”.

“Origin: Unlocking the Mystery of Life” trailer for DVD; “challenges the paradigm of scientific materialism and the belief that life is nothing more than the product of blind, undirected processes”; by “Illustra Media”.

“The Call of the Cosmos: what the Universe Reveals About God” trailer for DVD; “an unforgettable exploration of the universe…”; by “Illustra Media”.


“The Case for a Creator” trailer for DVD with former atheist journalist, Lee Strobel, investigates scientific and historical evidence of God’s Creation; by “Illustra Media”.

“Unlocking the Mysteries of Life”trailer for very powerful DVD; shows how simplest life form functions like an engineered machine; by “Illustra Media”.

“Where Does the Evidence Lead?”trailer for 6-part short educational segments for church, study, or home; by “Illustra Media”.

DVDs by ALPHA, cont.:

“Life: How Utterly Amazing is Life?”– of “Creation Museum Collection” – by “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); scroll down their page for sample video clip.

“Mitochondrial Eve and the ‘3 Daughters’ of Noah” with Dr. Rob Carter of “Creation Ministries International” (CMI);“Human genetic data fits the Bible better than evolution”.

“Paleontological Paradox: Dinosaur Soft Tissue” “DNA, red blood cells, and collagen in dinosaur bones? How is this possible? What are the implications?”; David Rives’ 30-min interview with Dr. Kevin Anderson of the “Creation Research Society”; DVD part of “Wonders Without Number” series from David Rives Ministries”.

“Refracted Glory” award-winning 90-min DVD documentary on the amazing design of the hummingbird – narrated by David Rives, founder of “David Rives Ministries” and including input from various scientists, engineers, etc.; 5-week Bible study based on film available; shortened 60-min version available for screening; see trailer and more details on “Refracted Glory” website.

“Science Confirms The Bible: Ken Ham Speaks to Teens” with Ken Ham, founder of “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); scroll down their page for sample video clip.

trailer for “Symbiosis on the Reef”

Symbiosis On The Reef” – DVD by David Rives & Dr. Jobe Martin; from series, “Wonders Without Number”.

“Teaching Origins Objectively: Exposing the Evolution Controversy in Public Schools” – 2-hour DVD documentary using highlights from testimony of scientists on “scientific validity surrounding the Evolution controversy” (during 2005 Kansas State Board of Education court case); by “New Liberty Videos”; also have a 5-hour DVD.

“The Crimson Worm: A Pattern of God’s Plan of Redemption DVD – amazing creature lines up with the Resurrection and Jesus’ teaching; trailer from David Rives’ interview with Dr. Jobe Martin (DVD from David’s “Wonders Without Number” video series); Jobe Martin also in “Creation Proclaims” & Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution” and founded “Biblical Discipleship”; David Rives is founder of “David Rives Ministry”(who also has a YouTube channel) ; creature referenced in David’s book, “Wonders Without Number”.

“The Heavens Declare” 13 episode DVD series trailer – by “Awesome Science Media”; “leading creation science astronomers, physicists, and cosmologists are interviewed to share evidence for a young universe as described in the Bible”.

“The Riot and the Dance: Earth” DVD trailer – join Dr. Gordon Wilson as he traverses our planet, basking in God’s masterpiece creatures”; DVD & curriculum available from “Answers in Genesis” (AIG).

“Three Ways to Make an Ape Man” DVD with Dr. David Menton – by “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); scroll down their page for trailer.

“Wonders of God’s Creation” – DVD set by “Questar Entertainment”; beautiful cinematography; set includes “The Milky Way & Our Solar System”, “Planet Earth”, “Thundering Earth & Roaring Waters”, “Whirling Winds”, “Animal Kingdom”, and “Human Life”.

“Wonders Without Number” DVD series addressing numerous topics; sample image & trailer of “Evolution: Feasible or Fairy Tale” with Jay Seegert, founder of “The Starting Point Project”; all DVDs in series are by David Rives, founder of “David Rives Ministries that includes so many amazing resources.

DVDs for KIDS:

“Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures” – trailer for one of engaging half hour adventure videos by Buddy Davis; from “Answers in Genesis”; from “Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures; also available in 5-DVD combo.

“Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution I, II, & III” by former evolutionist, Dr. Jobe Martin, of “Biblical Discipleship Ministries”; for families, leaders, or teachers; can be purchased individually or from “Exploration Films” as a set; also have related creature cards.

“Creation Proclaims” series – trailerI (Climbers & Creepers), II, (Flight and Spike), III (Silent Hunters), & IV (Amazon and Beyond)” with Dr. Jobe Martin
of “Biblical Discipleship Ministries” & Dan Breeder of “Creatures of Creation”; also have trading cards; can be purchased as a set from “Creation Today”.

“Patterns of Evidence for Young Explorers” DVD episodes study trailer with evidence for biblical account of Exodus (also have “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” DVD Bible study for kids & teens).

“Science Confirms the Bible – Answers in Genesis” – 37-minute YouTube video by Ken Ham of “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); includes 6 other great video clips.

”Ten of the Top Scientific Facts in the Bible” – 30-minute online video with Ray Comfort, evangelist, author, filmmaker, and founder of “Living Waters”.

“The Wild Brothers” Adventure 7 image & trailer – have 8 adventures, half hour each; quality, fun adventures of 4 brothers on mission with their parents in Papua (jungle near Indonesia); from “Answers in Genesis”; the Wilds have a video blog and offer music and gift items, and a free email newsletter. I met them at a conference held at the “Creation Museum” & purchased the whole series.

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