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“The Riot and the Dance” trailer – at theaters 1 day only March 19, 2019! Join Dr. Gordon Wilson as he traverses our planet, basking in God’s masterpiece creatures”; DVD & curriculum available from “Answers in Genesis”.


“Answers in Genesis” (AIG) – Creation video clips from their website; also kids’ page includes video clips and activities.

“The Double Life of the Hummingbird” 1-minute video from “Creation Moments”; offers free email subscription & free bulletin inserts (can also use as half page handouts).

“The Lizard that Sneezes” – sample 2 minute video from “Creation Moments”; check out more video clips on their YouTube channel; also offer free email subscription & free bulletin inserts (can also be used as half page handouts).

“David Rives Ministries” – 2 minute sample, “Wonder of the Ear”; Creation video clips & interviews; also has YouTube channel.

“Institute for Creation Research” (ICR) – Creation online video clips as well as 1 minute “That’s a Fact”, short high-quality video clips on various topics.

“NW Creation Network” – offers free hour long videos from various conference speakers.

DVDs (list not exhaustive – there are so many quality films now):

“A Question of Origins” trailer – by “Eternal Productions”.

“Alien Intrusion” – trailer for DVD based on book of same name – by Gary Bates of “Creation Ministries International” (CMI); “compelling new documentary takes a deeper look at the events, the beliefs, the experts and the people who have shaped our views in the ‘otherworldly’.”

“Answers in Genesis” has many DVDs; some are linked below:



“Evolution’s Achilles Heels” trailer for DVD on the Cambrian Explosion – by “Creation Ministries International” (CMI).

“Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” with Ben Stein trailer – universities are intolerant toward those who question Darwinism.

“God of Wonders: Exploring the Wonders of Creation, Conscience, and the Glory of God” trailer for DVD – by “Eternal Productions”;for all ages .

“Illustra Media” sample online 5.5 minute video clip; “Illustra Media” offers high-quality documentary DVDs showing the amazing design of God’s Creation.  I have purchased all of these DVDs as part of my personal Creation film library.   Below are trailers for each DVD:

          “Call of the Cosmos”“an unforgettable exploration of the universe…”.

          “Darwin’s Dilemma” – the mystery of the Cambrian fossil record.

          “Flight: The Genius of Birds”.

          “Living Waters” – amazing design of life in the oceans on earth.

          “Metamorphosis” – butterflies: beauty, design, & amazing migration.

          “Origin” – How did life on earth begin?

          “The Case for a Creator” – journalist investigates scientific evidence.

“The Privileged Planet” – factors making complex life possible on earth.

          “Unlocking the Mysteries of Life” – simplest life form like a machine.

          “Where Does the Evidence Lead?” – 6-part short educational segments.

“The Crimson Worm: A Pattern of God’s Plan of Redemption DVD – this amazing creature lines up with the Resurrection and Jesus’ teaching; trailer from interview with Dr. Jobe Martin and David Rives; Jobe Martin also in “Creation Proclaims” & Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution” and he founded “Biblical Discipleship”; David Rives is founder of “David Rives Ministry”; video referenced in David’s book, “Wonders Without Number”.

“The Evolution of a Creationist”  – trailer for 4-part DVD teaching for families or ministry by Dr. Jobe Martin of “Biblical Discipleship Ministries”. Dr. Martin was an evolutionist and now makes films that show God’s incredible design of animals; created “The Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution” and “Creation Proclaims” DVDs (scroll down – under kids’ section).

DVDs for KIDS:

“Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures” –  trailer for one of engaging half hour adventure videos by Buddy Davis; from “Answers in Genesis”; from “Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures: Ice Age”.

“Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution I, II, & III” by former evolutionist,
Dr. Jobe Martin, of “Biblical Discipleship Ministries”; for families, leaders, or teachers; can be purchased individually or from Exploration Films as a set; also have related creature cards.

 “Creation Proclaims I (Climbers & Creepers), II, (Flight and Spike), III (Silent Hunters), & IV (Amazon and Beyond)trailer; with Dr. Jobe Martin
of “Biblical Discipleship Ministries” & Dan Breeder of “Creatures of Creation”; also have related trading cards.

“Patterns of Evidence for Young Explorers” trailer– DVD Bible study with evidence for biblical account of Exodus (also have DVD “Patterns of Evidence” for teen & adults).

“Science Confirms the Bible – Answers in Genesis” – 37 minute YouTube video by Ken Ham of “Answers in Genesis” (includes 6 other great video clips).

“”Ten of the Top Scientific Facts in the Bible” – 30-minute online video with Ray Comfort, evangelist, author, filmmaker, and founder of “Living Waters”.

“The Wild Brothers” Adventure 7 trailer (8 adventures, half hour each) – quality, fun adventures of 4 brothers on mission with their parents in Papua (jungle near Indonesia); from “Answers in Genesis”; The Wilds have a video blog and offer music and gift items, and a free email newsletter. I met them at a conference held at the Creation Museum & purchased the whole series.

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