Sanctity of Human Life

Article “Why ProLIfe?” – by site founder, Connie Rice.

“For You created my inmost being;
   You knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
  Your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from You
    when I was made in the secret place,
    when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
   all the days ordained for me were written in Your book
    before one of them came to be.”

Psalm 139:13-16



“7 Celebrities Who Were Almost Never Born” – by Josh Heller for “”; their parents contemplated abortion; out of the millions of babies never allowed to live, who are we missing?; of course, everyone’s life has value – don’t have to be a celebrity.

“A UK judge ruled that a London woman with the mental age of a child must have an abortion despite her family’s wishes” – by Kat Tenbarge for “Business Insider”; Praise God – this ruling was overturned after public response of outrage!

“Abortion: The Culmination of Secular Thought” – by Rob Webb for “Answers in Genesis” (AIG); excerpt: “This Christian way (worldview) of seeing other humans as fellow image-bearers of God took time to seep into the pagan culture. Eventually, these cultures, after being sufficiently influenced by the Christian worldview, began to truly value children and women and became the first nations to abolish slavery—the first nations to even see slavery as a wicked thing. These nations also outlawed abortion and infanticide, not only because abortion was about as likely to maim or kill the woman as to kill her unborn child but also because the child was seen as a valuable image-bearer of God, even in the womb!”

“Amazing Image of Unborn Baby at 18 Weeks is Called the Photograph of the Century” – by Micaiah Bilger for “Life News”.

“Arguments Against Abortion” -by Kerby Anderson for “Reasons for Faith International Ministries”; article offers arguments against abortion including biblical arguments, other Old Testaments arguments, medical arguments, legal arguments, & philosophical arguments.

“Doctors with no limits: DIY abortions in the UK, Africa, and across the borders” – by Lucien Tuinstra for “Creation Ministries International” (CMI).

“Fearfully and wonderfully made: ESSAY | Elegant molecular machines at the center of life belie Darwin’s theory” by Michael J. Behe for “World”. Dr. Behe is a biologist, author, professor, & Senior Fellow at the “Center for Science and Culture” within the “Discovery Institute”.

“Five Promises Abortion Couldn’t Keep” by Ardee Coolidge, author for “Abundant Life” blog for“Carenet”.

“Flipping the Script on the Abortion Narrative” – by Catherine Yang for “The Epoch Times”; Ryan Bomberger found out when he was 13 that he was the result of the rape of his birth mother, and later founded “The Radiance Foundation” to “speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves”.

“I Am the 1 Percent Used to Justify 100 Percent of Abortions” – by Ryan Bomberger, founder of “The Radiance Foundation”, for “Townhall”.

“Incredible Picture of Unborn Baby Grabbing Doctor’s Finger From Womb Goes Viral” – by Christine Hsu for “Medical Daily”.

“Is Abortion Ever Okay?” – from “Got Questions” by “Reasons for Hope* Jesus”.

“Jane Roe Tells True Story Behind Roe v Wade” – by Dave Andrusko for “National Right to Life News”.

“Hi, My Name is Olivia” – amazing < 4-min video showing Olivia’s development in the womb from the time of conception; “Baby Olivia was created by “Live Action” and reviewed by accredited OBGYNs to show audiences the spectacular life of a baby growing within the womb. With scientific accuracy, this video depicts the moment life begins and beyond to show the humanity of the preborn throughout each stage of human development.”

“More Proof Life Begins at Conception” – by Dave Coppedge, founder of “Creation Evolution Headlines” (CEH).

“My Child Would Have Been 22 This Year” – by pastor, Shane Idleman, for “Focus on the Family”.

“Millennial with Down Syndrome: “Why Do They Want to Kill Us All?” – by “Students for Life”.

“OBGYN Confirms FDA Hiding Data on Botched Abortions From Abortion Pills” – by Steven Ertelt, editor for “Life News”.

“Planned Parenthood Director Who Flipped Pro-Life After Seeing An Abortion Gets Her Own Film” – by Josh Shepherd for “The Federalist”.

“Please Don’t Kill Our Baby!’: Father Begs Pregnant Partner Not to Abort Their Child in Heartbreaking Video” – by Kayla Koslosky for “Christian Headlines”; happened on Father’s Day weekend.

“Pregnant Woman Changes Mind Mid-Abortion, Saves Twin Babies” – by Michael Foust for “Christian Headlines”.

“Pro-Life Arguments Explained – Part 1” – by Lauren Roman for “Focus on the Family”.

“Pro-Life Arguments Explained – Part 2” – by Lauren Roman for “Focus on the Family”.

“The Threat of the Abortion Pill: An act of defiance against pro-life laws—and the sanctity of life” – by Ericka Andersen for “World”.

“Three Reasons Why The ‘Dangers of Illegal Abortions’ Argument Is Misleading, Deceptive, And Sexist” by Seth Gruber for “Life Training Institute”.

“When Does Human Life Begin?” – by Michael R. Egnor, MD, Professor of Neurosurgery and Pediatrics at State University of New York, Stony Brook, former Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery, &d award-winning brain surgeon; for “Discovery Institute”.

“Who was Dr. Nathanson? Why is He Important?” – by Shari Abbott of “Reasons for Hope* Jesus”; “Dr. Nathanson became known as the father of the abortion industry, but with the development of ultrasound in the 1970s, he was able to observe a real-time abortion — and that caused him to reconsider his views on abortion.”

Elderly / Euthanasia:

“Life Is Precious” – by Greg Brezina for “Christian Families Today”.

“U.S. doctors take official stance against euthanasia” – by Samantha Gobba for “World Magazine.


“5 Things God Is Teaching Us through Miscarriage” – by Abbey Wedgeworth for “The Gospel Coalition” (TGC).

“Miscarriage Changed Me” – by Brittany Lind for “Desiring God”.

Making a Difference for Life:

“Speaking Up to Defend Life” – by Scott Klusendorf, speaker for “Pro Life Training”, for “Focus on the Family”.

“Three Actions You Can Take to Advance a Pro-Life Culture” Jim Daly of “Focus on the Family”.

Sanctity of Life:

“Life is precious” – by “Christianity UK”.

“Science Is Giving the Pro-Life Movement a Boost: Advocates are tracking new developments in neonatal research and technology—and transforming one of America’s most contentious debates”


“Blood Money: Getting Rich Off a Woman’s Right to Choose” – by Carol Everett; “true story of one woman’s experiences as a co-owner of a franchise abortion clinic in Dallas, Texas”.

“Love Unleashes Life” – by speaker & author, Stephanie Gray; learning how to effectively communicate in love with those who disagree; also has website (see below) with events and her blog.

“Not Equal: Civil Rights Gone Wrong” – by “residue of a rapist”, Ryan Bomberger, also a “broadcast media designer, producer, columnist, passionate factivist, international public speaker, author, & founder of “The Radiance Foundation”.

“Saveone: A Guide to Emotional Healing After Abortion” – by Sheila Harper; joining a small group through a local pregnancy center is highly recommended: Find a local Pregnancy Center.

“Why Pro-Life?: Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers, Revised and Updated Edition” – by Randy Alcorn, founder of “Eternal Perspective Ministries” (EPM).


“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

President Ronald Reagan

“I was an unexpected pregnancy, but my granddaddy (Martin Luther King, Sr.) rescued me. ‘Pro-Life Kids’ powerfully illuminates today’s fight to protect civil rights for the unborn. Bethany Bomberger’s adorable book reflects a beautifully diverse pro-life movement that unites as one to end injustice. You’ll love this book; it’s creative, courageous, and compassionate as it encourages young people to see the equal value of every human life, in and out of the womb.”

Alveda King (niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., in acknowledgment for children’s book, “Pro-Life Kids”


“180” DVD trailer – by Ray Comfort, founder of “Living Waters”; whole 30 minute movie can be seen here.

Nick Cannon‘s rap song, “Can I Live?” – his 17-year old mom was in an abortion clinic to abort him, but left – choosing to give him life; shown on “”.

“Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” DVD – by Dr. David Menton; scroll down page to see trailer (scroll down).

“Focus on the Family See Life 2020” 2.5 hour video from live pro-life event; if don’t have time to watch the whole thing, the segments with Ben Shapiro & Candace Owens are full of facts that everyone should know to understand the pro-life position.

“Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” DVD trailer; “shocking true story of the investigation and trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell – his 30 year killing spree and the political and media establishment that tried to cover it up”; appreciated that the film was powerful, but not too graphic.

“Hi, My Name is Olivia” – amazing < 4-min video showing Olivia’s development in the womb from the time of conception; “Baby Olivia was created by “Live Action” and reviewed by accredited OBGYNs to show audiences the spectacular life of a baby growing within the womb. With scientific accuracy, this video depicts the moment life begins and beyond to show the humanity of the preborn throughout each stage of human development.”

“The Unborn is FULLY Human – PROOF in 6 Minutes” – short video showing the humanity of the unborn child; by Welcome to the Truth”; also offer a YouTube channel.

“The Voyage of Life” – visual and text of “a journey where science enlightens us at every step, from the first time a human heart beats, toes wiggle, ears hear music, and unborn eyes see light – all before being born into the world”; offered by the “Charlotte Lozier Institute”.


“Abortion Drug Facts”“Know the facts. You need to know these things before taking the Abortion Pill; offers resources, tell your story, & more.

“Abortion Pill Rescue”“can reverse the effects of the Abortion Pill and allow you to continue your pregnancy. Initial studies show that APR has a 64-68% success rate”; side effects of Mifeprex or RU-486; 24-hour helpline at 877-558-0333.

“Abortion Survivor’s Network” – stories of people who as babies survived abortion.

“Care-Net” “Care-Net is dedicated to partnering with independent pregnancy centers and providing them with the resources they need to serve their local communities”; offers articles; Find a local Pregnancy Center.

“Charlotte Lozier Institute” (CLI) – “advises and leads the pro-life movement with groundbreaking scientific, statistical, and medical research. We leverage this research to educate policymakers, the media, and the public on the value of life from fertilization to natural death”; offers scientific & research data; also offers “The Voyage of Life” – “a journey where science enlightens us at every step, from the first time a human heart beats, toes wiggle, ears hear music, and unborn eyes see light – all before being born into the world”.

“Foster Care and Adoption: Do you feel called to adoption? Is it right for you? Find books and broadcasts that discuss the joys and difficulties of adoption”.

“A Closer Look at the Chemical Abortion Pill” – 15-minute video with stories of two women; from “Life Issues Institute”.

“HALO” – provides “aid to patients and their families, particularly when lives are in jeopardy. HALO strives to protect, support, and advocate for medically vulnerable persons without discrimination based on race, religion, age, disability or gender.”; offers free downloadable resources, patient advocacy, advanced directives information by state, e-alerts & print newsletters,

“Human Coalition” “building a pro-life, holistic, comprehensive care network to help rescue these women and their children from abortion”.

“Life Issues Institute”“dedicated to changing hearts and minds of millions of people through education”; see “A Closer Look at the Chemical Abortion Pill”, a 15-minute video with stories of two women; founded by obstetrician, the late Dr. J. C. Willke.

“LIfe News” – “independent news agency devoted to reporting news that affects the pro-life community. With a team of experienced journalists and bloggers, reaches more than 750,000 pro-life advocates each week via our web site, email news reports, social networking outreach and weekday radio program.”

“Life Site News” – non-profit Internet service whose “purpose is to provide balance and more accurate coverage on culture, life and family matters than is usually given by other media. Available by free daily email subscription”.

“Life Training Institute” (LTI) – “Training Others to Save Lives Persuasively Communicating the Pro-Life Message”.

“Live-Action”“leading national pro-life and human rights organizations in America, dedicated to ending abortion and inspiring a culture that respects and defends life”; founded by Lila Rose at 15 years old.

“Love Unleashes Life” – website based on book of same name (see above); founded by speaker & author, Stephanie Gray; learning how to effectively communicate in love with those who disagree; offers events and her blog.

“National Pro-Life Alliance”“because every human life is precious in the eyes of God, and science and common sense dictate that life begins at conception, it is clear that abortion is the wanton taking of human life and no truly great nation can allow this practice to take place”.

“National Right to Life”“nation’s oldest and largest pro-life organization”.

“OptionLine”pregnancy options; emergency contraception; Find a Center Near Me; has a YouTube channel; call helpline 800-712-4357.

“” – ‘helping moms, saving babies, ending abortion!“.

“Respect For Human Life: Life, Death, and Medical Meaning” (no logo available) – site provides information on the “Ethics of Organ Donation”, books, personal stories of people who survived after being declared brain dead by medical establishments, & more; founded by Christopher W. Bogosh RN-BC, B.Th and Dr. Heidi T. Klessig; addresses the discussion of “When is somebody dead? Historically, elapsed time without breathing or a heartbeat marked medical and legal death until 1968. In that year, doctors at Harvard medical school proposed ‘redefining’ irreversible coma as death. “; “People in irreversible coma have beating hearts and breathing lungs (sometimes on a ventilator)”.

“SaveOne” “helping men, women, and families recover after an abortion”; ministry founded by Sheila Harper; offers referrals to local chapter or online study, and books/articles; find a U.S. or international chapter.

“Silent No More” Awareness“a Campaign whereby Christians make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women and men. The campaign seeks to expose and heal the secrecy and silence surrounding the emotional and physical pain of abortion.”

“Students for Life”“we are the pro-life generation and we will abolish abortion”.

“White Rose Resistance” “mission is to be a voice for unborn children. Our purpose is to educate and expose culture to the evil of abortion until every person has the right to be born.”; in honor of the “small collective of Christian students who secretly wrote and distributed leaflets all around Germany, criticizing the Nazis and inspiring others to resist them”; was founded by a brother and sister in their early 20s who were beheaded by the Nazis; current White Rose Resistance begun by Seth Gruber, is to expose current culture to the evil of abortion – more preborn people have been killed than people were killed in the Holocaust.

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